503- Podcasting simplicity for content creators and entrepreneurs

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss a recent article that tried to describe resources that would make podcasting simple and easy for entrepreneurs (and content creators). The headline for this article from is “Caproni: Podcast Publishing for entrepreneurs.”

So, investigating the content of this article, we find the claims that these resources (Caproni) would render “delightfully simple podcast publishing…” for a series of audiences (i.e., rebels, entrepreneurs, etc.) who have no time to learn and manage any tools,  and so growing and publishing a podcast can be done with “one easy use tool.”

Now, for this podcaster, I tend to be more skeptical, because for the past 15 years, I have seen announcements and press releases that have been claiming to be the “one-stop-easy-shop” for doing this. And every time I examined the tool, I was not only disappointed, but many times the tools left a sour taste in my mouth (and the claims were just marketing hype).

So, with this article in, you can actually go to the link to get more information and a demo and actually sign up for a trial of the resources. The trial will last for 5 months or your fifth episode, which seems to be a reasonable time for testing.

The article not only lists some of the podcasts hosted on this platform, but also makes other claims with the section called “Batteries included podcast publishing” and the sub-section called “Sell ebooks, pdfs and digital goodies marketed via your podcast… because you get to keep all of what you make.”

How can this be? you may wonder.

Well, the article claims that “everything you need” is available to you, including:

  • “Publishing on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts & more!
  •  Website on your own domain
  •  Analytics
  •  Unlimited podcasts
  •  Multiple login accounts
  •  Grow with referrals: Feature landing on Spring
  •  Publishing on YouTube: Feature landing on Spring
  •  Automated transcripts: Feature landing on Summer
  •  Full control via API Private Beta”

Of course, like all marketing promotions, the testimonials follow from their customers. And as for the pricing, you can choose to sign up for either $18 USD per month or $48 USD per month after your trial. And the quote that they have about acquiring the tools is: “If you love it, keep it. If not, we can migrate your podcast to the platform of your choice.”

Now, I myself would not have tried this, as I am not a journalist employee of a publishing company that does reviews for compensation nor do I have a column in either a hardcopy or electronic magazine.

However, for an aspiring or new podcaster, this may attract the eye of someone who desires simple, easy and powerful tools to assist in getting podcast shows up and running in the podosphere. And with a free trial of 5 episodes, you really do have enough time to see if the time savings for learning other tools is a great benefit for your own show.

However, for the seasoned podcaster who has his own workflow that really works well for today (and planning for improvements for tomorrow), this may be something to be investigated whenever there may be some free time available in the future — but possibly not a priority today, as there are other projects besides publishing (like planning, marketing, promotion, sales, development of new products and offerings and social media activities).

So I do applaud the creativity of the developers of these tools, but again, I strongly recommend that you check out some of the podcasters who give their testimonials on the site and see exactly where they are in their skills curve and determine for yourself if this is a good investment for you — because the most valuable and costly investment is that of YOUR TIME to acquire, install, learn, exercise and use the tools and then analyze the results in a cost-benefit analysis.

Thank you for your attention.

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535- Podcasting from facebook will only mean more censorship

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss the horrid idea as reported on of facebook going into podcasting. With their horrible past performance of censorship, this will mean the beginning of censorship and attempted de-platforming of content (as well as podcasters) in the podosphere. And if twitter tries this, also, then the podosphere will become infested with this malignant growth called censorship, deplatforming, woke and cancel culture. This will probably ruin the environment of free speech that now is the podosphere, and it will also begin to ruin the environment of the podosphere.

As of the reports from the podnews newsletter and podcast episode for April of 2021, there is not much detail about the infiltration of facebag into podcasting. There is much more to be aware of.

We shall be following this type of information about this attack on content in the podosphere from facebag, and we will freely speak and comment about our views on these happenings.

Thank you for your attention.

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478- Podcasting tips on audience development

In this episode of, we discuss the theme of “audience development” from an earlier post in called “What is audience development, anyway” by Jonas Woost.  This was from a link in an earlier post at

For new and aspiring podcasters, this topic may be of vital interest, because it tries to address a key success factor in audience reach. As Jonas mentions: “our Audience Development expertise is key to the success of our clients as it ensures we reach the intended listenership with each podcast.”

Now, this article delivers several key ideas for implementation and care. And after a key paragraph of describing the idea of “audience development,” Jonas gives the benefits of success in this area: “In other words, Audience Development is what brings listeners to a podcast, and it’s the job of the content to win these people over. Audience Development is crucial, but it needs to be combined with a solid and well-thought out editorial plan.”

Thus, Jonas then lists the best of these ideas — of which are the following:

  • The purpose of Audience Development;
  • The right audience
  • Podcast marketing
  • Research
  • Product packaging
  • Measurement
  • Distribution
  • The right time to work on Audience Development

For this reporter, the ideas and sub-topics covered in this article have got a good reason for being included in a podcast business plan or podcast marketing plan. Without them, you can easily find yourself diverted to another idea or create another podcast show when you have not even begun to see the “fruit of the podcast tree” come to life yet.

Having the discipline to know about these, plan these out and execute them in an organized manner (within your organizer or planner) can help you reach your goals quickly and measure your success.

However, many new and aspiring podcasters get caught up in the new excitement of publishing their podcast shows and forget that discipline is a key trait that can make your show successful. That is why we suggest that you attempt to spend some time in the planning of your show with these ideas in mind, before you go off and stray into the tempting world of creating yet another podcast show (because you found your first show so satisfying and exciting) — believe me, because I know that from my experience and the “school of hard knocks.” So, perhaps, Jonas’s advice can help you to get a step closer to a good podcast with proven success.

Thank you for your attention.

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464- Portcaster – Small portable podcast studio

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss the announcement of what is called “the world’s most portable podcast studio” — aka the PortCaster. This is based on the post from, and it appeared in the newsletter recently.

The description of this podcasting device is:  “It’s designed for content creators, who record or live-stream to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. It makes it easy to add music, sound effects and guests to your podcast or stream. About the size of a passport, this product is very portable, so it’s great for any type of recording, especially when traveling. It’s Made in USA and for a limited time it’s very affordable!”

After checking out the image photos in the post, I was surprised at the versatility and the reach in podcasting and streaming by the detail and the image of some of the controls of such a device.

As is stated in the post, a key aspect of this device is to improve the sound quality. But it also has another purpose for your focus of your podcast:  “And that lets you focus on what matters — your content, your guests and your audience.”  And you can do this by the following:

  • livestreaming — i.e., gaming, vlogging and videography;
  • storytelling — i.e., podcasting, voiceover, broadcasting;
  • web meetings– i.e., lessons, seminars, conferences; and
  • worship service — i.e., streaming, recording, teaching.

With rechargeable batteries and the recording medium of an HC-SD card for capturing the content, this system allows your guests to be recorded over the phone. As you can see, the controls for the features look appealing to many podcasters who want this type of power and control while traveling on the road in a device as small “as a passport.”

Details are also given for recording local guests who may be next to you or in the same room or studio.

And the details of all these features are explained in a few sentences in the post that outlines the important aspects of the system. And at the post, you can see images and photos that point out all the ports and connectors and connections of this device, with a simple description of the key ones stressed.  In addition, comparison tables with other systems and detailed specifications are also delivered in the post, for your own comparison. Testimonials from musicians and other content creators, along with discounted prices for early adopters are shown. And finally, the timeline for availability in early 2021 is shown.

The most important aspect for many podcasters will lie in the price tags of $299.00 USD and $399.00 USD dollars.

The final part of the post goes into a brief explanation of some risks and challenges of this project and its availability.

Well, for this podcaster, the device seems to be priced quite competitively and contains a value-rich set of features that are highlighted by the sales promotional images contained in the post.

In fact, it reminds me of the days when the Zoom H2 device came out back in 2006-2007 with its feature-rich set of values for the portability of a small device that can fit into a shirt pocket and carry a great punch with a 32-GB HCSD card to run on AC power or batteries. Such was the technology boom for portability in podcasting then.

But for myself, I will wait until the final availability at the beginning of 2021, and for the reviews to come back from professional reviewers with objective descriptions such as Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting.

In the meantime, this seems to be a device that can appear to be “too good to be true” until the activities in the field of portable podcasting will test its utility and value for the portable podcasters that can use the livestreaming, storytelling and web meetings. Until then, I am surely glad that companies are exploiting new technologies to give us price-performance devices that can help podcasters in the future — especially the new and aspiring podcasters.

Thank you for your attention.

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427- Podcasts about podcasting

In this very brief episode of, we focus on a list of podcast shows whose subject is PODCASTING. This list was initially delivered in July of 2020 by Dave Jackson in his site and was mentioned in various podcast episodes from him. In fact, the title of this list is “Podcasts about Podcasting — the never-ending list.”

When we look at the list, Dave has not only divided the entire list by different categories, but he also has let you know which of these shows is no longer active. He did this by striking a line through the title (e.g., the list has the podcast show of “Your Podcast Consultant” with the strike-through added.

As you will hear in this audio episode, the categories for the list include the following (and in the order in which they appear on the list):

  • Active “how-to” podcasts;
  • Podcasters being interviewed;
  • Occasional episodes; and
  • Shows on hiatus (podfaded),

We would like to mention that this show of The Podcast Reporter is listed in the first category of Active How-to Podcasts with the subject line of “Podcasting News.”

Now, this list has grown over the past 15 years under the watchful eye of Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting as a key podcaster and content creator. You see, in the early days of the podosphere in 2005 and following, the list was rather small, and all the podcasters with shows about podcasting could have been gathered together in person at the first Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California, in 2005 and 2006.

So, as a reference for the media, as well as the new and aspiring (and even older and experienced) podcasters, this list can show how much the podcasting community has embraced those shows whose topic revolves around podcasting and the podosphere.

By the way, this list also received an honorable mention in a recent issue of the newsletter.

So, if you want to keep on top  of the podcasting space, you may want to review the list and subscribe to some of these more active shows whose subjects may be of interest to you. And in this way, you can continue to be on top of your game in podcasting, as well as become knowledgeable in the podosphere as a content creator and podcaster. We hope that his list will provide you with yet another resource for your own knowledge, education and be of value to you.

Thank you for your attention.

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421- ID3 tags and their value

In this episode of, we focus on an article in called “Do ID3 Tags matter for Podcast SEO?”

Here, the issue is the VALUE of SEO (i.e., search engine optimization) for podcasters today, as opposed to the early days of the podosphere in 2004 when a lot of importance and emphasis we placed on ID3 tags in your podcast episodes.

As you will see in this article by James Cridland, the key question is whether or not today’s podcasters are using ID3 tags and whether or not it provides any value for your episodes or your podcast shows.

For this podcast reporter, the ID3 tags are still being included in each podcast episode. For myself, the value for the podcast show delivers some data for those players that allow the listener or those who download or consume to get more information about the show and the episode.

In summary, my perspective is this — an old podcaster mentor of mine (i.e., Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting) delivers for me the criteria for this decision:  “As Dave Jackson says, it’s worth still putting them into your files: because the 0.1% of people who still use their Rio mediaplayer might like to see it. Who knows, they might be useful in the future; and they should be done relatively automatically by your digital audio editor or podcast host.”

Now, in addition, if you listen to episode dated 11July2020 in Dave Jackon’s Ask The Podcast Coach show, you will hear some of the reasons why Dave still fills out and includes ID3 tags with each episode. Some of them are to prevent some regret if one of the big publishers decide to use them again in the near future (although today many of them have neglected ID3 tag file content).

For yourself, as a podcaster, you have to see if the ID3 tags are worth including or should they be ignored.

Thank you for your attention.

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397- Considerations in changing podcast formats

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we focus on the topic of possibly changing the format of your podcast episodes. This theme was brought to us by an article by Dan Misener as stated in the newsletter. In fact, this question was also asked by Evo Terra in his podcast show called Podcast Pontifications.

The features that may be targets for change are the time and length of the show (e.g., long-form to short-form, or micro-casting, etc.), the types of intros and outros, themes, music, calls-to-action, etc. These are things that you can adapt to your listeners based on the idea of getting away from the current stressful situation of the virus crisis.

We hope that you can examine and do the research needed to see  if you need to have a change in the format items of your podcast show. Hopefully, this will bring you more success in a more positive light.

Thank you for your attention.

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396- Podcast creatives survive during this crisis

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss an article from the newsletter from about how freelancers and agencies are adapting during the virus crisis of 2020.

Having created turbulent waters for creative professionals in some circles, the new media professionals that are freelancers or podcasters may not have to suffer as much. For example, the solo-preneurs that are podcasters or social media freelancers are used to working from home or being isolated much of the time.

Whereas some of the work force has lost up to 60 to 70 per cent of their work because of the virus crisis, the results for the podcasters and other creatives could still survive because they did NOT have to lose all or most of their work.

Some recommendations from this article suggest staying close to current clients and over-delivering value and positive results to newer clients. There is also a great optimism for growth for those who do deliver value to customers as a solo-preneur or creative freelancer.

We hope that you can adapt to this new model for dealing with prior, current and future customers during this crisis.

Thank you for your attention.

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