661- Combining episode content — recovering from internet hack

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver a method of combining several podcast episodes into one piece of content. As you know, we are recovering from a hack from an internet bad actor — and so we “catch up” in our episodes by having one piece of content (in this episode) cover both The 2030 Podcast Show, as well as the Podcast Reporter show. And we do so with an episode with my co-host from the show, Matt Cox.

Matt Cox – Podcaster

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter show, as well as the 2030 Podcast show, both Sgt Fred and Matt Cox (the latter who is the podcaster for the show, Brunch with the Brits) deliver our viewpoints on some key trends toward 2030 and provide content for this podcast show.

Now, recently, we had to publish episode 128 of The 2030 Podcast show with what was a back-up plan when a bad actor in the podosphere had impacted our WordPress content management system and had shut it down for a while. We actually went and published the original content of what would have been episode 128 of the podcast show with a substitute for our listeners — and that was episode 660 from my other podcast show (as backup per our plans) called The Podcast Reporter.

However, as we have seemed to have recovered from the earlier problem, Matt and I are now ready to discuss our viewpoints on the following topics that are trends to 2030:

  • The resolution of the debt ceiling debate;
  • The discussion of what ecocide is and how the ICC may try and extort money from the US due to complications from the Vietnam War [note: we spoke about this in the preceding episode];
  • The status of the monarchy in the UK with Camilla and Harry Windsor;
  • The fight over forgiveness of student loan debt — although Congress passes legislation NOT to forgive it, Bo-Jiden will veto;
  • The fight for the WHO to control the world as they try to censor information except for their own narrative and to launch a treaty before the next worldwide PLANDEMIC; as a matter of fact, this is by plan to be Plandemic #3, and you can follow the details in this URL: PLANDEMIC #3 — THE GREAT AWAKENING;
  • The Biden Crime Family and its evil and lies that are cast out from the mouths of the evil radical democrats – adding to the saying today that “the USA is now a banana republic, but with a vegetable for a leader;
  • The brain-dead Bo-Jiden in his attempt to go around the constitution and congress in order to enact tyrannical laws (e.g., student loan forgiveness and election laws);
  • The China Spy post in Cuba — and how ridiculously the Democrats and radical left try to blame Trump in the lame-stream media;
  • How the State Dept. meeting with China only goes to show how the USA has given up to China, and that the Chinese are bullying the USA;
  • Perhaps good news — the elements of time and aging may produce our farewell to George Soros for good;
  • “The evil that men do…” in the form of Bill Gates and his possible poisoning of food in the USA;
  • the proposed 28th amendment by Gruesome Newsom in California is an example of showboating;
  • ridiculous promotion by THE VIEW — constitutional amendment to prevent Trump from being president; also, by other podcasters — amendment to have Arnold Schwarzenegger run for president.


Thank you for your attention and for listening to us. From Sgt. Fred and Matt, we wish to say that we’ll see you next time.

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660- Reaction to podcast about possible ICC actions

In this episode, we deliver some content that we wished to produce and distribute on another podcast show, The 2030 Podcast.

However, due to the internet hijacking capabilities, we have run into a roadblock of failures to get to the main menu of the WordPress system to create an episode and then publish it. I do intend to pursue with the original podcast episode on the ICC and ecocide once the problems get resolved from the hijacking and errors caused by intruding parties on the internet content management systems.

So, with your permission, we will use this podcast show to create, deliver and publish what would have been episode 128 for The 2030 Podcast Show and thus, deliver it to you and to our valued guests.

As you may know, I am a subscriber and listener (as well as a past guest and interviewee of the podcast show from Mack Payne, called The Vietnam Veteran News podcast.

In one of his latest episodes (# 2535), Mack goes into the possibility of being held liable for “ecocide” during the Vietnam War, especially in the use of herbicide Agent Orange.

If you are interested in the ICC (i.e., the International Criminal Court) in the Netherlands, then this description of ecocide (as a result of the recent destruction of a dam in Ukraine) may be of significance. In fact, you may have screwball nuts claiming that there is liability from every viewpoint, including climate change. That is, even Greta Thunberg has her 2 cents. But, as I applaud Mack Payne, the podcaster for, I wholeheartedly accept and repeat and agree with what he said about her: (paraphrased) “Who the hell cares what Greta T has to say?”  — because, in my opinion, she is one of the worst influencers in today’s world.

Now, as a Vietnam Veteran myself who served as a combat infantrymen in the war, I was a victim of agent orange (i.e. AO), and I am still today suffering from complications resulting from that.

[Note: If you don’t know what AO is, you may want to do some research and see what this herbicide was and how it was used during the Vietnam War — especially the complications that it caused for the US Veterans who fought there in the jungles, etc.]

You may even think that the use of AO could possibly fit into the definitions of what is currently promoted as “ecocide.”

But this podcast is an example of warnings that could be sent to the US government that the ICC could launch an attack on the USA because of the use of AO some 60 to 70 years ago.

In any case, I myself do not believe that this liability should be even promoted or expanded just to suit the ego of idiots like Greta T., as she is now losing popularity — especially when she is no longer the “cute” little 16-year old with pigtails, as she will always be remembered for her being refused admittance to the Climate meeting and just shouting “blah blah blah” for no reason.

One final note:  if you would enjoy listening to an interview with myself that Mack Payne did earlier about the Vietnam War and PTSD, you may want to go to episode 2245 of Mack’s podcast show (in this URL:

The interview is about 45 minutes in length, but it covers four different methods that I used in dealing with PTSD as I tried to recover from the war. I have included the site image of Mack Payne and my interview with him, per the link, above.

Thank you for your attention, and thank you for listening.

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