637- BONUS- Podcasting and entrepreneurs for 2023- a perspective

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter show, we look at the role of entrepreneurs for the coming year of 2023 from the perspective of a struggling entrepreneur — namely myself.

One of the reasons for this point of view is the probability of a new or an aspiring small business entrepreneur of reaching success in a certain direction or with the support of the current and near-future media to assist in helping to spread the word of his solutions for different clients, as well as the possible revenue that one should expect in reality and not in pure hope.

Well, one of the aspects of New Media today is the successful growth and expansion of the podosphere to include millions of podcast shows — and more importantly, the ability to monetize them. So for yourself as an entrepreneur, you may wish to examine how podcasting can create assets that will generate revenue streams for you.

In fact, there is a presentation that I gave at a Podcast conference that outlines how multiple revenue streams can add to the value of your business and generate success for you. The presentation link is given here, under the image of the title page of the presentation — and you can view the presentation with PowerPoint.


Now, in addition to the revenue streams that I, myself, mentioned in my presentation, there is another authority that may be of greater value in creating plans for generating successful revenue streams. This authority comes from a book by Dave Jackson  (who is a podcaster with his show, School of Podcasting) with the book’s title being “Profit from Your Podcast”:

This book lists many ways for an entrepreneur to create methods of creating multiple revenue streams. And having been in podcasting since 2005, Dave has experience from his own career, as well as stories from successful startups and entrepreneurs and small business owners of how to add to their income — and some of them have even left their day-jobs and external careers to become full-time podcasters and make podcasting their sole living.

So, what does this mean in terms of success perspectives for 2023?

Perhaps you can ADD to your business by creating and incorporating podcasts as an asset that will bring multiple revenue streams for you within a few months (depending upon which ones you select and wish to plan for and execute and follow up).

In fact, you do not even have to KNOW how to podcast, for you can get tutorials, courses and learning assets that can step you through the process — or you can hire others to do the basic grunt work to get your podcast show created, get the episodes up and running and get the web site, the management system (like WordPress) and the marketing and show notes and promotion, as well as the follow up and planning to review and monitor the progress and success of your show.

Here is where Dave Jackson’s book can assist you in creating and selling your own products via podcasting, as well as sponsorship (i.e., advertising ads within episodes), in addition to affiliate marketing and crowdfunding in addition to sales at live events, or   courses and webinars.

My perspective is that here is where the difference will be in adding more revenue and profit within your business with the sleeping giant of podcasting. However, not all revenue streams will be large and immediate. The PATIENCE factor  lies here for the podcaster to create, plan and monitor the growth of the revenue streams and their value for months and even years.

But 2023 could be the start of an addition to the entrepreneur for growing your revenues with assets that will definitely add value to your proposed audiences.

So I salute you in 2023 with my perspective of the “sleeping giant” for new revenue streams for your business with the addition of podcasting to add to your success of your business.

Thank you for your attention, and thanks for listening.

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636- Podcasting and the bucket list

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter Podcast Show, we deliver a repurposed episode from The Struggling Biz podcast show that deals with entrepreneurship and the decisions that one makes when he reaches his twilight years — including that of creating and trying to accomplish the tasks on a bucket list.

But from our point of view, we can expand this to the elements of creating and publishing podcasts, as well as the quest for successful monetization as an entrepreneur.

We then look at several themes when we come to a crossroads of deciding what to pursue after we have a reflection on the value of future life considerations for ourselves, especially when we get signs to warn us of possible tiredness.

And some of these signs may be:

  • feelings of medical situations that come with older age;
  • tiredness from the “routine” of getting projects completed or getting them set up;
  • the feelings of frustration and anger that result from dealing with impossible clients or partners — especially from the younger “whipper-snappers” that keep telling you that they know more than yourself and even make fun of you as the older generation that is outdated;
  • the desire to expand your experiences and include time in your life to investigate and live your “bucket list”; and
  • the reflections of accomplishments in your life and their importance vs. looking forward and seeing what is really important when you reach a specific point in your twilight years…
  • and other factors.

Now, for podcasters, it has been a roller-coaster ride of excitement and joy and thrills and even of financial success for the last 18 years of the podosphere. However, we need to stop and reflect on where we are, and if we happen to be in what we call our “twilight years,” then the reflection may be a great value that can help us produce podcasts shows that provide more value to our audience — and perhaps more to ourselves.

For myself, I have taken a road (not necessarily a “pivot” as mentioned in the book by Eric Reis called The Lean Startup) that has made me create the start of my life memoirs — but NOT as a book, but rather as a podcast show or episodes called The Real Academy of Life. And here, I can create chapters in audio for those who wish to follow me or consume my content on the areas of my life that I have deemed of value to myself and the listener. In fact, I have even delayed in creating a separate podcast show up to this point and just repurposed the episodes within with the prefix RAL-.

So please use the embedded audio player to consume the content from my other podcast that dealt with “The struggling entrepreneur and the bucket list.”:

I am sure that this topic may have you consider putting together a bucket list for your own actions which you feel you need to experience in a plan that will improve the satisfaction of your life.

In fact, you may want to create some episodes in your podcast shows that will describe your decisions, your list of items in the bucket list, and the reflections in creating and accomplishing them, as well as the final value that they provided for you.

Thank you for your attention.

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635- Podcasts in 2023 — Look Homeward Angel

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter podcast show, we discuss how podcasts may become an inward-looking vehicle for the communicators who want to publish and express their content with their audience without having to fear the monster of cancel-culture or suppression or censorship or any other woke-mongering threat that tends to prevent freedom of speech.

This platform and the podosphere are good for the last bastion of free speech in the USA. And it seems that there is a good probability that the change in attitude of twitter (with Mr. Musk at the helm) may have a positive reaction to more fairness and the ability to publish your message without the censorship of the old twitter of Jack Dorsey who created massive censorship and evil de-platforming with cancel culture.

However, for those who want to attend or demonstrate or speak at different podcast conferences, there is an ominous evil direction that the woke movement has taken. Because of the discriminatory attitude of the last Podcast Movement conference in which a few of the radical left gained the ear of the promoters of the event, there was an indication that censorship and other evils were lurking to prevent a free distribution of messages and ideas.

For myself, I see that the recent twitter messaging may be a warm relief of the freedom of speech returning to the conferences — although the woke agenda of Podcast Movement may still be stubborn enough to stick to the losing proposition of censorship of messages and content and ideas.

For this reason, I do NOT plan to attend or participate in any future Podcast Movement conferences or activities until this tune is changed, and until the promotion of free speech and content and ideas resumes by wresting away the shouting and controls of the radical left. However, I do not anticipate that the radical left will promote any free speech, but that they will stick to their agenda of censorship and cancel culture. Thus, I can only hope that the freedom to publish your messages — however controversial they may be to the radical left — will prevail.

Now, if you are a beginning podcaster who is thinking of participating in the Podcast Movement conference, I hope that you check out the speaker list (which is also being censored by speaker and topic, because those will be subject to the whim of the conference managers) and ensure that fairness of topics are also included. You see, while the radical left prides itself on inclusivity, it is doing the exact opposite of what they promote by not allowing anyone who differs in their opinions to be chosen for panels, topics, sessions or any kind of messaging of content.

Instead, I will promote and agree with the Podfest Expo people who do promise to be all inclusive and fair in its selection of topics for the agenda, as well as the speakers and the sessions. I see this as a much more worthwhile conference in January to replace my interest that I previously had with Podcast Movement (in fact, I do have some history with the conference, as I was a speaker at the very first PM conference in 2014 in Dallas — so I am aware and participated in the old conference that included all podcasters and topics and content).

So, again I say, hail to Podfest Expo! and Down with Podcast Movement — that is, until PM learns the lessons and does not promote “do as I  I say.”

Thus, very much like the novel with the same title as this post, I welcome a return to the “home” of free speech to publish messages and to the conference that will support ANY AND ALL PODCASTERS AND PODCASTS — i.e.,

Thank you for your attention.

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632- Podcasting show notes — creating them for engaging content

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter show, we discuss some suggestions from podcaster Ben Krueger on how to write show notes. This is taken from his website called in a post recently.

Ben Krueger

So, although many posts have been published from different podcast consultants, you may want to review this brief set of ideas from Ben. And as you know, I have known Ben from 2014 at the first Podcast Movement conference in Dallas, where he and I shared a table in the expo hall for that event.

The title of this post was “Podcast Shownotes: How to write engaging content — EP: 22.

In addition to the topic at hand, Ben starts off with the theme of “What’s the point of show notes?” and then continues into the main theme of the post of how to create the engaging content. In fact, he summarizes the content like this:

“It all starts with having a compelling episode title.

Something that showcases what the episode is about and has a keyword that potential new listeners may be searching for.

Next, you will need one or two paragraphs summarizing what is discussed in the episode.

After this, we like to add bullet points that elude to what your listeners will learn.

Finally, you will have the resources that will link to everything you spoke about in the show such as books, people, or websites.

If you want something more substantial to go along with your episode, you can write a full blog post instead.

This will increase SEO even more and potentially provide your listeners with an in-depth look at the topic you’ll be discussing.”

And then he summarizes the theme of using the show notes for marketing content.

As for this podcaster, I have been writing show notes for 17 years, and I find his suggestions very obvious. However, not every new podcaster plans to write outlines or gives a thought to show notes (if he even would have a written set). And even some podcasters use a transcript and publish them as show notes.

I myself have done both ways, and I even get to the point of including images and photos when relevant. I do not favor one way or the other, as it depends on the topic and the planning that I have done to give relevance to the topic at hand and to make my show notes as a “gift” to those who go to consume them.

However, you can determine which style you give to your show notes in creating them and making them engaging for your audience. We wish you the best and hope that your readers will appreciate them.

Thank you for your attention.

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634- Podcasting pundit retires as podcaster — for now

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter podcast show, we discuss how one of the first podcasters in the podosphere (in fact, he was one of the two authors — the other being Tee Morris) who “wrote the book on podcasting”, PODCASTING FOR DUMMIES) had recently announced that he was no longer going to be a pundit about all things podcasting.

In fact, he mentioned in a November, 2022, episode of his recently finished podcast show, Podcast Pontifications, that he had wrapped up his show. He had exhausted all the topics for himself that dealt with podcasting as a pundit. He was now going into the area of audio fiction / drama as a type of curator, among other things. His new site is

We are describing Evo Terra, who was also known as “the disrupter.” He had published over 600 episodes for this last podcast show. He was also flattered to be called “a contrarian.”

Now, I myself know Evo since 2007, when I met him in person at the 4th podcast event called Podcamp (very much executed like a barcamp-style event) in Arizona. And since then, I have had several interviews with him for some of my podcasts, as well as having met with him at other podcast conferences, such as the initial podcast movement conference in Dallas in 2014. And Evo proudly proclaimed that he was a professional “contrarian” or “disrupter,” as he had new ideas that went outiside-of-the-box in thinking and creativity for podcasting and new media.

So, what were his reasons for content-exhaustion? And where does he plan on spending his time in the podosphere for the near future? You can go to his last episode of to get all the details, but I feel that he wanted to slow down on the tech and the fast-moving changes in the podosphere — especially in advertising and the way that this was changing podcasting. He wanted to move more into the area of creativity and curation for crime and drama podcasts with multiple media.

Now, what does this earth-shattering news mean to podcasters — from the professional podcasters to the hobby and new podcasters?

For this podcaster, it means that both advertising and political themes have dominated the podosphere to the point of making me sick of them. Perhaps other listeners share the same idea, for I do refuse to listen to them. Case in point:  even Evo had become subject to political pontifications, which he did for his last several podcast episodes (and this controversial view may have offended many of the listeners to his show).

However, I do wish the best for Evo in his new venture as he pivoted in the podosphere to his new site of The End newsletter and website for his future work in drama, fiction and live audio podcasting. My best to the disrupter and contrarian of New Media — I feel he may get to a winning strategy with this pivot.

Thank you for your attention.

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