635- Podcasts in 2023 — Look Homeward Angel

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter podcast show, we discuss how podcasts may become an inward-looking vehicle for the communicators who want to publish and express their content with their audience without having to fear the monster of cancel-culture or suppression or censorship or any other woke-mongering threat that tends to prevent freedom of speech.

This platform and the podosphere are good for the last bastion of free speech in the USA. And it seems that there is a good probability that the change in attitude of twitter (with Mr. Musk at the helm) may have a positive reaction to more fairness and the ability to publish your message without the censorship of the old twitter of Jack Dorsey who created massive censorship and evil de-platforming with cancel culture.

However, for those who want to attend or demonstrate or speak at different podcast conferences, there is an ominous evil direction that the woke movement has taken. Because of the discriminatory attitude of the last Podcast Movement conference in which a few of the radical left gained the ear of the promoters of the event, there was an indication that censorship and other evils were lurking to prevent a free distribution of messages and ideas.

For myself, I see that the recent twitter messaging may be a warm relief of the freedom of speech returning to the conferences — although the woke agenda of Podcast Movement may still be stubborn enough to stick to the losing proposition of censorship of messages and content and ideas.

For this reason, I do NOT plan to attend or participate in any future Podcast Movement conferences or activities until this tune is changed, and until the promotion of free speech and content and ideas resumes by wresting away the shouting and controls of the radical left. However, I do not anticipate that the radical left will promote any free speech, but that they will stick to their agenda of censorship and cancel culture. Thus, I can only hope that the freedom to publish your messages — however controversial they may be to the radical left — will prevail.

Now, if you are a beginning podcaster who is thinking of participating in the Podcast Movement conference, I hope that you check out the speaker list (which is also being censored by speaker and topic, because those will be subject to the whim of the conference managers) and ensure that fairness of topics are also included. You see, while the radical left prides itself on inclusivity, it is doing the exact opposite of what they promote by not allowing anyone who differs in their opinions to be chosen for panels, topics, sessions or any kind of messaging of content.

Instead, I will promote and agree with the Podfest Expo people who do promise to be all inclusive and fair in its selection of topics for the agenda, as well as the speakers and the sessions. I see this as a much more worthwhile conference in January to replace my interest that I previously had with Podcast Movement (in fact, I do have some history with the conference, as I was a speaker at the very first PM conference in 2014 in Dallas — so I am aware and participated in the old conference that included all podcasters and topics and content).

So, again I say, hail to Podfest Expo! and Down with Podcast Movement — that is, until PM learns the lessons and does not promote “do as I  I say.”

Thus, very much like the novel with the same title as this post, I welcome a return to the “home” of free speech to publish messages and to the conference that will support ANY AND ALL PODCASTERS AND PODCASTS — i.e.,

Thank you for your attention.

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