665- Repurpose — the dangers of trying to rewrite history

NOTE: This is a repurposed episode — brought to you after our thoughts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have passed for 2 months.

This was originally posted in August of this year, 2023, to deliver the clear examples of what the left is trying to do in order to attempt their purpose rewriting history to suit the narrative of their ideology.


In these episodes covering both and, we discuss the trend of the newer radical left to avoid reviewing history as it occurred. This year marks a departure from the National Day listings for both August 6th and August 9th — these are the days when the atomic bombs were used against Japan at Horoshima and Nagasaki to put an end to WWII and to save not only 500,000 American lives (i.e., those who would have died invading the Japanese islands), but also the millions of Japanese military and civilians who would have self-sacrificed themselves in the attempt of the invasion that would have begun in November, 1945.

So today is the 9th of August in this year of 2023 — that is, 78 years after the incidents of the use of nuclear weapons against an enemy during WWII.

But no one is batting an eye to remember these events — as they were truly important in the development of the world as it stands today. Remembering them is part of history, and it seems that there is a movement of trying to NOT remember them and pretend that they never occurred — and that we should just look the other way and not pass down the events (and the lessons from these events) to our younger generations.

As what once was said, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it again.

By the way, we also refer to 3 past movies that gave the history of the development of the bomb (Operation Manhattan Project):

  • Above and Beyond;
  • Beginning OR the end;
  • Fat Man and Little Boy.

Thank you for your attention and for listening.

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