677- Can all presidents poop in their pants for 2030

In this episode, both Matt and Sgt. Fred discuss the evils and lies of the radical left, as well as their slipping followers, now that the public is finally feeling the pangs of the evil administration under Bo-Jiden.

In this discussion, which is impromptu and unrehearsed, they also are ready to check in with the latest on the UK and its royalty, as well as the evil policies of both Commie-fornia and the White house occupant (i.e., Bo-Jiden, since he is not really “our president”).

In this episode, the following key points are made:

  • The plight of the royal family in the UK and what it means to the US and the rest of the world;
  • The ridicule worldwide as Bo-Jiden probably pooped in his pants for his own D-Day (should be “P-Day”);
  • the shame of Hunter Biden and his evil doings (include referring to his father as “the big guy” to whom bribes must be paid);
  • the refusal to prosecute and punish Merrick Garland for contempt of congress in matters of audio recordings that would show that Bo-Jiden was involved in criminal bribery;
  • The ridiculous mentions of Greta Thunberg, now that she is no longer a climate-change spokes-hole, but a radical activist for-hire;
  • The mentions in the podcast where Cuomo does double-talk, but suggests the scam of useless “vaccines” that do damage to our bodies (and promoted by the Bill Gates Foundation), while at the same time refusing to say that they are harmful and ineffective (not “safe and effective”);
  • the discussion of the Palestinian terrorists in the past roles (i.e., the 1972 Munich Olympics, the 1976 Entebbe hijack, the 2023 massacres in Gaza, etc.) and the coverage in documentaries of the past evils of the PLO and other pro-Palestinian groups;
  • the SCOTUS striking down the ban on gun-stocks;
  • the ridiculous EV-promotion in the US, with thousands of EVs here sitting in the desert and other locations because people have stopped buying them en masse — and where are the 500,000 charging stations, BoJiden and New-Scum?
  • the lame-stream presenting the pro-Biden “debate” upcoming with the “new rules”;
  • the item in today’s show how google can manipulate the vote up to 25 million votes in 2024;

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676- Renaissance man — first experience in dramatics and speech

In this episode, Sgt. Fred describes his first experience as a Renaissance Man — that is, from being a young academic scholar and student worker to a highly successful public speaker and actor in dramatics. And for this, Sgt. Fred will discuss his challenges, tasks, motivation and drive to be the very best in those areas to his graduation date.

And here are the key milestones for this experience to make of himself a renewed challenger as a Renaissance Man:

  • The environment: top high school in the area known for academics and preparation;
  • The scene: volunteered to go into public speaking — including the awards (called “gold medals”) in the areas of oratorical interpretation, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation and competitive speech conferences;
  • The drive: to become the representative of the local chapter of the Optimist Club in winning the contests among other speakers with first place and then going to the finals in San Diego, California, and receiving the third place trophy;
  • The acting experience: from a minor part in a theatre-in-the-round to the leading roles that would define my flair for acting, dancing and even musical numbers in the following dramas and plays:
    • THE ANDERSONVILLE TRIAL — playing the lead of Nathan Chipman, prosecuting attorney (as was played on Broadway by William Shatner with George C. Scott directing);
    • THE ROMANCERS — a local television production at UCLA, where Sgt. Fred was one of the suitors of the heroine;
    • STARDUST — a comedy by Mr. Kerr, where Sgt. Fred played the mad-Russian professor, Craig Kendal Bach;
    • RICHELIEU — a play based on the challenges of Louis XIII of France with Cardinal Richelieu, where Sgt. Fred played the villain, the Count de Baradas (even including a two-minute sword fight with the hero);
    • OKLAHOMA — the musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, where Sgt. Fred played the part Jud Fry, the villain, in the dream sequence dance, as well as being the backup for the performer as Jud Fry in the death sequence;
    • OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY — a comedy where Sgt. Fred played 2 roles: (1) the purser on the cruise liner, and (2) Monsieur De La Croix, the comic relief with the lead actress;
    • I REMEMBER MAMA — the play by John Van Druten about the Nordic family, where Sgt. Fred played the light villain, UNCLE CHRIS, opposite Lucie Arnaz as Aunt Jenny (with a surprise thankful praise for the death scene of Uncle Chris) from an audience member, Lucille Ball;
    • CINDERELLA — the musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, directed by Burch Mann Dance Studios, where Sgt. Fred played THE KING (i.e., also known as King Maximilian Godfrey Ladislaus Leopold Sydney), where praise came from a review for his “flair for singing and dancing” — especially for the number Keep it Gay);
    • MISTER ROBERTS — the comedy directed by Mr. Kaufman at the University, where Sgt. Fred played Mannion;
    • ADVISE AND CONSENT — the drama directed by Mr. Kaufman at the University, where Sgt. Fred played the villain, Senator Fred Van Ackerman.

By the way, for your information, Sgt. Fred also won at his graduation the CROSBY AWARD FOR DRAMATICS. This was the one award given at graduation to the student who excelled for most of his years at the school for excelling in dramatics, both plays and musicals. This was named as an award in honor of BING CROSBY, the actor and singer who had his son attend the school before, and who also donated the library in his name.

Before my second year in University in which I did drama and acting, I had my very quick introduction to fraternity life in college. And so, the rebirth as an actor and public speaker had quietly been put on hold indefinitely.

For the next experience as a Renaissance Man, Sgt Fred can then discuss the next phase in The Real Academy of Life. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for listening, and we shall see you next time when we deliver the upcoming experience of Renaissance.

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