636- Podcasting and the bucket list

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter Podcast Show, we deliver a repurposed episode from The Struggling Biz podcast show that deals with entrepreneurship and the decisions that one makes when he reaches his twilight years — including that of creating and trying to accomplish the tasks on a bucket list.

But from our point of view, we can expand this to the elements of creating and publishing podcasts, as well as the quest for successful monetization as an entrepreneur.

We then look at several themes when we come to a crossroads of deciding what to pursue after we have a reflection on the value of future life considerations for ourselves, especially when we get signs to warn us of possible tiredness.

And some of these signs may be:

  • feelings of medical situations that come with older age;
  • tiredness from the “routine” of getting projects completed or getting them set up;
  • the feelings of frustration and anger that result from dealing with impossible clients or partners — especially from the younger “whipper-snappers” that keep telling you that they know more than yourself and even make fun of you as the older generation that is outdated;
  • the desire to expand your experiences and include time in your life to investigate and live your “bucket list”; and
  • the reflections of accomplishments in your life and their importance vs. looking forward and seeing what is really important when you reach a specific point in your twilight years…
  • and other factors.

Now, for podcasters, it has been a roller-coaster ride of excitement and joy and thrills and even of financial success for the last 18 years of the podosphere. However, we need to stop and reflect on where we are, and if we happen to be in what we call our “twilight years,” then the reflection may be a great value that can help us produce podcasts shows that provide more value to our audience — and perhaps more to ourselves.

For myself, I have taken a road (not necessarily a “pivot” as mentioned in the book by Eric Reis called The Lean Startup) that has made me create the start of my life memoirs — but NOT as a book, but rather as a podcast show or episodes called The Real Academy of Life. And here, I can create chapters in audio for those who wish to follow me or consume my content on the areas of my life that I have deemed of value to myself and the listener. In fact, I have even delayed in creating a separate podcast show up to this point and just repurposed the episodes within with the prefix RAL-.

So please use the embedded audio player to consume the content from my other podcast that dealt with “The struggling entrepreneur and the bucket list.”:

I am sure that this topic may have you consider putting together a bucket list for your own actions which you feel you need to experience in a plan that will improve the satisfaction of your life.

In fact, you may want to create some episodes in your podcast shows that will describe your decisions, your list of items in the bucket list, and the reflections in creating and accomplishing them, as well as the final value that they provided for you.

Thank you for your attention.

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556- Podcasting strategies for escape-hatches

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver a repurposed podcast episode from an earlier episode (number 120) that deals with recovery from past situations that did not succeed or recovering with what was called “an escape hatch” (and the beginning introduction of the episode delivers the quote that inspired this theme from the older podcast show from Todd Henry called “The Daily Creative” — the latter of which is still on hiatus). By the way, Todd also has a 16-year old podcast show still going called The Accidental Creative.

We feel that this repurposed episode still provides evergreen value to the podcaster who may be experiencing the beginning or in the middle of a negative situation with a podcast show. And with the pivoting or the “escape-hatch” that has been pre-planned, there could be some hope for recovery and even repurposing the deliverables and strategy to a new alternative. And, as you will hear in this repurposed audio episode, the case study of Cecil B. DeMille and his success later on with his film called The Crusades provides hope for the struggling podcaster with good content.

The lesson learned here is to plan for a good exit strategy or prepare your “escape hatch” early in your business, so that your podcast can have an alternative if and when you may encounter difficulties.

So we hope that you can achieve success in the event that you may have to rely on your “escape hatch” to steer your podcast and business in an alternative direction or find success in a re-launch of your content to a willing audience that will help your show to its success.

Thank you for your attention.

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