675- Renaissance man five times over into podcasting

In this episode, we bring to life yet another impromptu discussion and description of how Sgt. Fred has been a Renaissance Man four times over in life — and now five — and now is in his next Renaissance during his life — and all these are part of the story given in the accounts of his other podcast (which is still in the making) called the Real Academy of Life.


The stages of life which Sgt. Fred underwent a Renaissance experience were the following:

  • From a high school student worker and academic scholar to become an award-winning dramatic actor and public speaker;
  • From a University student to become a fraternity brother who improved the fraternity organization;
  • From a depressed and mixed-up student to become a military man that became an Airborne Paratrooper and combat infantryman in the jungles, rice paddies and mountains of Vietnam during the war;
  • From a veteran student joining the university world again to finish his degrees (both BA and MBA) to become a part-time faculty member of a university, as well as a dancer with a professional dance group (including a 10-year stint as a university dance instructor) — and then going out and becoming a serial entrepreneur in the area of the techno-industrial environment;
  • From the veteran retiree in corporate America as a corporate instructor and professional podcaster and new media content creator  (where he had 16 podcast shows in 2006 to 2020, including The Struggling  Entrepreneur, Podcast Reporter, the 2030 Podcast, Grumpy Old Bears, and 10 other podcasts) — and especially with those who influenced him, such as Adam Curry and Dave Jackson;
  • and the final Renaissance that is now in the beginning stages of being a retired podcaster and interviewer.

However, these experiences do NOT wipe away nor ignore the feelings of both shame and guilt from the memory of Sgt. Fred, as well as the feelings of regret in the area of personal relationships.

With a more mature outlook on life — both past and present and possible future — Sgt. Fred will continue in the podosphere for both his current podcast shows, as well as new episodes in his REAL ACADEMY OF LIFE.

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RAL 03- Podcasting memoirs — Military experiences in the war

This is episode 03 of – My Military life in the war — as part of my memoirs.

In this episode, I wish to publish my experiences in my real academy of life described by podcast episodes — they can do a better job of providing the content for memoirs that really is part of the podcast of REAL ACADEMY OF LIFE, as well as syndicating it to PODCAST REPORTER.

If I take a look at my life (currently without a bucket list), I would approach this from the perspective of my funeral services. You see, Ordinarily, I would have requested 5 photos to be put on display during my upcoming funeral services:

– Photo of myself with my wife and children (myself as a family man);

– Photo of myself in business attire (showing myself as a business man);

– Photo of myself in my charro attire (showing myself as a folklorico dancer and instructor);

– Photo of myself in my uniform in 1972 (showing myself as a military man and veteran of the war in Vietnam); and

– Photo of my wedding, with all the wedding party (showing myself surrounded by the friends and family who shared the happiest day of my life).

However, in this episode of THE REAL ACADEMY OF LIFE, we will focus on one of these eras in my life — just a part of my experiences in the military when I was a combat infantryman and paratrooper during the Vietnam War.

For the initial discussion points in my life, I would want to include a repurposed podcast episode that focused on combat and camaraderie — which is the title of the episode content that Mack Payne (podcaster with his show of published in his show with my own thoughts of those two situations.

Then we would want to discuss how I dealt with the return from combat and assimilated myself back into THE WORLD after my tour in Vietnam.

To do this, we will first admit that I had a bad case of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) when I came back from the war). And then I had a 45-minute discussion in an interview with Mack Payne in the same podcast show (i.e., in which we discussed my multiple ways of dealing with the PTSD situations after the war. The four main ways of my dealing with my post-war problems and complications were:

  1. Writing — both nonfiction stories and later podcast and blog content;
  2. College and graduate education (in a rather obsessive manner);
  3. Joining and participating in Veterans Service Organizations; and
  4. Podcasting and blogging.

However, I do wish to mention that there were another few minor experiences that I had while in the Army, especially when I was an instructor in the 82nd Airborne RECONDO school, as well as being a recruiter-canvasser for the 82nd Airborne Division in the West and Southeast of the USA, just before my participation in the deployment of the 82nd Airborne for entering the Yom Kippur war in October of 1973.

In addition, I will also discuss and describe my experiences with my treatment by the VA — the Veterans Affairs (earlier referred to as the Veterans’ Administration) — and the struggles to deal with my physical complications from the war as a disabled veteran.

However, we can deal with those in a later episode of this podcast series called THE REAL ACADEMY OF LIFE).

So, for this long episode, we will first include the 24-minute discussion of combat and camaraderie…and then follow it up with a 45-minute interview with Mack Payne about dealing with PTSD for

I salute those veterans who fought in the infantry in the Vietnam war, and who experienced the combat and camaraderie.

Thank you for your attention.

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611- BONUS episode — Vietnam Veterans Podcast interview 2022

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver to you the interview that was published on 8 February 2022 by Mack Payne in his podcast show,

Here is the audio player for the entire unedited podcast episode which contains the audio interview with Mack Payne posted on 8 February 2022 from (it follows the web site image)

and here is the 44 minutes of audio in the interview with Mack Payne from his show:

So, in this episode, we deliver the interview which we talked about in episode 566 of this show, Podcast Reporter. We also deliver this audio interview for a bonus episode in the podcast show being created called The Real Academy of Life.

Hope you enjoy this, as it was a very stressful struggle for me to give an account of my experiences in Vietnam with another Vietnam veteran.

Thank you for your attention.

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553- Starting a personal passion Podcast after 17 years in podosphere

In this episode of the Podcast Reporter, we discuss a common theme for any podcaster with a passion for podcasting — and that is to start another podcast show, but to make it more personal. The case study for this topic is myself and my own desire to prepare and publish another podcast show in the near future, with the episodes that will describe my journey not only in the podosphere, but in life.

One such podcast (which has been around for over 15 years) is that of Dave Jackson’s podcast show called “Building a Better Dave” — and which is still being published and episodes being created to this day on an “as is ” basis with no set or committed schedule.

In the past, I have been in the podosphere since 2005 and have had, at one time, over 16 different podcast shows ALL AT THE SAME TIME — even though my total number of shows for all my years in podcasting have been 18 shows.

So, after my mother had passed away from alzheimer’s and also dementia several years ago, I had an inspiration after listening to a recent episode of Building a Better Dave episode to do something similar — but from my own history and my own passion and perspective within the podosphere.

And so, years ago, I did reserve a domain name of, which would be for my show called The Real Academy of Life — that is, my own academy of experience from my real life. I also secured another podcast domain called, in which I had planned to publish a show about my experience in New Media from my perspectives on my history in podcasting and screencasting and videocasting.

So, what I planned to do here was to review my reasons for starting this podcast with yourselves, other podcasters, who may have a desire to publish a podcast about their own experiences in the podosphere (regardless of what they are or for whatever reasons you may have had). And thus, I created the inaugural episode in audio, using my own stream-of-consciousness method.

In fact, your reasons may be so passionate for the inspiration to create another podcast show that they are crying out for publication and sharing with others in the podosphere. And so I present this case study for you, as an example of documenting what could become a future show for yourself. And it can be a template or an idea that will morph into a great podcast show for you, with possible episodes told by yourself in the first person (or, as is common today, speaking of yourself in the third person).

So we hope that you will receive this example in this case study of a possible podcast show for your own success in publishing your passion. Consider it, if you will, as a Christmas present from myself to yourselves in the podosphere, even though it may be delivered a week early and not on Christmas eve.

And from this, I sincerely hope that your podcasting adventures may include episodes — and maybe even a whole entire show — with your own personal history and passions. And who knows? Perhaps you may even write or create an article or blog post or a separate podcast episode about your own story in creating a personal podcast episode or show on your own “real academy of life.”

Thank you for your attention, and wishing for you the happiest of holidays.

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