BONUS – 02- Real Academy of Life — about episodes and format

This episode contains the content of a “PASSION PODCAST PROJECT” that I have had for a while — in fact, I did talk about this in one of my prior episodes that dealt with “passion podcast projects.”

So now, the Real Academy of Life information center presents some history episodes about Sgt. Fred, who is the

In this episode of The Real Academy of Life Podcast show (which is being delivered to you care of The Podcast Reporter) I deliver the lessons learned about my own life in my own situations — and how I did create a learning set of resources that would put me on the road to my success in life (that is, spiritually, mentally, physically and not just monetarily).

Why did we include this podcast program with episodes within the Podcast Reporter Show?

We did this so that you can follow the ideas of my historical development in what I consider my own training grounds — an academy of learning, which I then call “THE REAL ACADEMY OF LIFE.” And until I get the web site completed for, I will continue to use the Podcast Reporter podcast show as a way to host my audio files to my flagship audience, with the hope that new and aspiring podcasters can learn from my experience in how to create the content for autobiographical episodes.

Here we have the links and the podcast episodes within this content management system of WordPress for the first 2 episodes from this particular show. It is a short way and a good way for you to get the content without having to go to a separate WordPress page and try to either follow or subscribe or download. And these episodes are brought to you in a non-scheduled, unrehearsed and streamlined method very much like a stream-of-consciousness format.

And you can access the audio content in episodes from this site, for your listening pleasure and learning. But, please note that that these are presented to you so that you can get the content NOW as opposed to waiting for the final creation of the web site which will be at (for I do have the domain name, but the site is not yet active). So when the final website is available, I will be publishing and releasing episodes both here and at the future site for the podcast episode. So you will have either location to choose from in obtaining the free content.

And we chose the album art for this show, as I was once a struggling entrepreneur, chasing income while expanding my base of podcasts since 2006 to over 19 podcast shows (where all but 4 have been podfaded as of the date of this writing). So I have always considered myself a “struggling entrepreneur” — which used to be the name of my past flagship podcast called The Struggling Entrepreneur (from 2006 to 2018).

The episodes of The Real Academy of Life can be accessed here using the following links:

Episode 1:  Inaugural podcast episode — what is this show about?

Episode 2:  Planned episode content and format of the show

Thus, we hope that you will find these episodes informative (as to my own personal experiences in the real academy of life), as well as entertaining and educational for new and aspiring podcasters.

We will continue to look forward to providing you with more information about my journey as I became educated by the hard-knocks in THE REAL ACADEMY OF LIFE.

Thank you for your attention.

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553- Starting a personal passion Podcast after 17 years in podosphere

In this episode of the Podcast Reporter, we discuss a common theme for any podcaster with a passion for podcasting — and that is to start another podcast show, but to make it more personal. The case study for this topic is myself and my own desire to prepare and publish another podcast show in the near future, with the episodes that will describe my journey not only in the podosphere, but in life.

One such podcast (which has been around for over 15 years) is that of Dave Jackson’s podcast show called “Building a Better Dave” — and which is still being published and episodes being created to this day on an “as is ” basis with no set or committed schedule.

In the past, I have been in the podosphere since 2005 and have had, at one time, over 16 different podcast shows ALL AT THE SAME TIME — even though my total number of shows for all my years in podcasting have been 18 shows.

So, after my mother had passed away from alzheimer’s and also dementia several years ago, I had an inspiration after listening to a recent episode of Building a Better Dave episode to do something similar — but from my own history and my own passion and perspective within the podosphere.

And so, years ago, I did reserve a domain name of, which would be for my show called The Real Academy of Life — that is, my own academy of experience from my real life. I also secured another podcast domain called, in which I had planned to publish a show about my experience in New Media from my perspectives on my history in podcasting and screencasting and videocasting.

So, what I planned to do here was to review my reasons for starting this podcast with yourselves, other podcasters, who may have a desire to publish a podcast about their own experiences in the podosphere (regardless of what they are or for whatever reasons you may have had). And thus, I created the inaugural episode in audio, using my own stream-of-consciousness method.

In fact, your reasons may be so passionate for the inspiration to create another podcast show that they are crying out for publication and sharing with others in the podosphere. And so I present this case study for you, as an example of documenting what could become a future show for yourself. And it can be a template or an idea that will morph into a great podcast show for you, with possible episodes told by yourself in the first person (or, as is common today, speaking of yourself in the third person).

So we hope that you will receive this example in this case study of a possible podcast show for your own success in publishing your passion. Consider it, if you will, as a Christmas present from myself to yourselves in the podosphere, even though it may be delivered a week early and not on Christmas eve.

And from this, I sincerely hope that your podcasting adventures may include episodes — and maybe even a whole entire show — with your own personal history and passions. And who knows? Perhaps you may even write or create an article or blog post or a separate podcast episode about your own story in creating a personal podcast episode or show on your own “real academy of life.”

Thank you for your attention, and wishing for you the happiest of holidays.

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