414- Update on book to make money from Podcasting

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver the announcement of the availablilty of the update of a book by Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting that is a sequel to More Podcast Money. The new title of the book is Profit from Your Podcast;  and availability has been delayed until August, 2020.

Now, in the past, I have had the pre-availability books written by Dave Jackson at my hand. However, now, I do NOT have availability to get a sneak preview.

However, for myself, I am pre-ordering the book, as I wish to see the latest updates on how to make money from podcasting, with all the different revenue streams can be created by podcasters. And these would be from EXPERIENCE, not from theory (as many of the other books and authors use).

Having read the current book, More Podcast Money, as well as listening to the podcast show More Podcast Money, I have found great value in the content from Dave Jackson. I have actually been able to create a couple of small revenue streams which I did not consider at first — and they have contributed to my income for my business in podcasting.

And because of this, I would strongly recommend that you, as a podcaster, should consider getting the content to this book either in hardcopy or in audio (when the audiobook comes out).

I hope that you will find great VALUE in this book to help you increase your income by creating great revenue streams with your podcast shows and make your show and business more successful.

Thank you for your attention.

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