502- Celebrating 500 episodes — a second comeback

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we report that we had just celebrated (2 episodes ago) our 500th episode of this podcast show.

For myself, this is a great accomplishment for one show. Now, this is not the only podcast show in which I had completed 500 episodes — I actually had a show that did this from 2007 to 2013, and although it had podfaded, it was called The Struggling Entrepreneur.

But for now, this current show is a COMEBACK for me to the longevity of the podosphere and its episodes. By publishing this, and by seeing the resulting statistics of downloads, etc., I am very much pleased by the acceptance of the themes and relevance to our audiences — both for audio and video (as well as written show notes).

What does this mean for myself?

It means that podcasting has grown and that I myself predict that it will be here for a very long time — either until the podosphere shuts down (which is unlikely, since this is today one way of getting your message out without being shouted down by a censoring media and social media oligarchical world), or until we run out of themes, topics and passion for publishing our message in the world (and that will never happen, for the message will be created and distributed in one way or another).

As I contemplate the success of my current 3 shows, as well as the success of my prior 15 podcast shows during my 15 years as a podcaster, I have seen the podosphere evolve into a wondrous avenue of communication and publication.

I remember when I was a CORPORATE podcaster, with my own show about the technologies and offers and offerings from my firm (a fortune 500 company), and how that incorporated into an integrated strategy for blogs, podcasts, videos, pdf files with whitepapers, as well as interviews and promotions. This was a great success in the early days of 2006.

Also, I have seen the podcast conferences bloom — since the very first conference of the Podcast and Portable Media Expo since 2005, to the tech that allows a much easier way to create your show and episodes and then publish them with better quality and less tech knowledge than before — and then from the virtual tickets and telesummits on podcasting to the webinars and the online courses about podcasting.

And I had seen the growth of podcast shows — from amounts of 4-digits of shows in the early years of the podosphere to the current number today of over 1 million shows (almost 1.5 million), with just about every theme possible. I have also seen the proliferation of tools — both electronic and hard copy — to help the aspiring and new podcasters be able to plan, create, publish and launch a podcast show within a matter of days or even hours.

So we recently posted episode 500 (and sometimes not even counting the BONUS episodes that had no number), and we look forward to continue on the journey of podcasting into the future with new listeners, new audiences, new devices, new technologies and new themes and topics. All you have to do is examine the success of the blogosphere to see how many millions of blogs exist, and the rate of increase in blogs after their popularity was exploited — these should give you an idea of how blogs, video, audio and other technologies can affect the success of communicating our messages with our passions (and our attempts at monetization) can help us continue our journey.

So, if you are a new or aspiring podcaster, we hope that you, too, can join us for a great ride in the podosphere and have the success that you can plan for, as well as experience, with your podcast shows and episodes.

Thank you for your attention.

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452- Podcast conferences — change of the guard or agendas

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss an opinion that was promoted on The New Media Show dialog that concerned the podcast conference speakers — naturally, it had to do with the selection results and why the presenters today are possibly in the “changing of the guard” as far as speakers at events.

In the episode # 397 of New Media Show, Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee (the co-hosts of the episode) mentioned that a podcaster from a show told them that they should “move out” and let newer podcasters be the presenters at the show. This begs the question of whether speakers should deliver value or just be part of an agenda. In other words, the value of the presentation is diminished, while the agenda and political correctness becomes primary in the decision making process.

For this podcaster, my opinion is that VALUE should be the primary determinant from the viewpoint of the attendees. And for myself, this means that education, training, new strategies and podcasting-relevant topics should deliver value to the podcasters (and that means ALL podcasters, including new and aspiring ones and veterans).

So when I saw the first listing of the speakers selected, it looked to me like the AGENDA and political correctness have sneaked into the selection process, and that the value for education and training for podcasters has now begun to diminish.

I also look at Gary Leland, who was one of the founders of the Podcast Movement conferences, and what he said was the real value to the podcasters — and that meant to provide the excitement for PODCASTING to the podcasters and content creators. There was no room for AGENDAS or political correctness in the selection process, because the excitement and VALUE to the podcasters was primary.

Well, since Gary Leland has left the Podcast Movement team in driving the conferences, the agenda-driven focus has moved in to steer the conference toward agendas. At least, that is my opinion and that is how I see the podosphere today for this conference.

Now, I have purchased my ticket to be an “attendee” at the Podcast Movement Virtual conference. Why? Because I had attended the PM 2014 (and I was a speaker at this conference) event. I also had recently attended the PM Evolutions conference in California in February. So I decided that I would be a virtual attendee at this new virtual event.

For the upcoming PM-Virtual event, I am thankful that at least two speakers will provide great value in the event and are NOT part of an agenda — these are Todd Cochrane and Tom Schwab. And that is just my opinion. But I ask “where are the rest of the experienced podcasters that do deliver value to podcasters in topics in which they are subject matter experts in their field?”

But if the direction goes farther into the AGENDA-driven focus for this conference, I feel that I will perhaps stop participating in this type of event. Why? Because the value for podcasters has begun to decrease, and the value to the AGENDAS has begun to replace this. And so, I will keep my focus on VALUE to the podcaster in terms of education, training, strategies and other value-based themes and topics for ALL podcasters — and not just for the Social Justice Warriors or those who have modern AGENDAS.

So, if the pendulum does swing back to the original themes of PM conferences, then I may go back to supporting that event and participate as an attendee again. But for now, I plan to distance myself from the agenda-driven conferences and steer myself toward the value-based events that do deliver podcasting gems to the attendees.

So thank you for your attention.

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