611A- Podcasting value in repurposed episodes

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we review and deliver one podcaster’s perspective of the value of repurposed podcast episodes— along with key examples and proofs-of-concept.

The repurposing of episodes has been of great value to myself as a podcaster, as well as to the growing number of newer podcasters and aspiring podcasters who have joined the podosphere within the last 5 to 10 years — remember that I have had over 15 years of podcasting, and many of  my shows and their episodes have contained great content (as acclaimed by reviewers and other podcasters and listeners). Such episodes have come from the following past shows that posted evergreen content (although some have been podfaded) like the following, which is a non-inclusive list:

  • Folklorico Dance and Music;
  • The Combat Infantrymen’s Podcast show;
  • The 82nd Airborne Division Association — Alamo Chapter;
  • Entrepreneur Tools Online show;
  • The Jungle Warriors show;
  • Gain Control of Your Day show;
  • and the creation and redeployment of podcast episodes from the show in progress called The Real Academy of Life;
  • Austin Podcaster’s Meetup Show;
  • Grumpy Old Bears Show;
  • 2030 Podcast show;
  • and some other minor shows.

So, what has been the result of repurposing podcast episodes in your current or present shows? And what had to be done for the episodes that would be repurposed?

  • the value to the audience — for the newer and aspiring podcasters, these repurposed episodes will become NEW episodes that can have them engage with you and your content. And this can help you to grow your audience, as well as receive feedback via the WOMMA method (i.e., word-of-mouth-marketing-actions) about the relevance of your show. It can also help you to become a thought leader, since your “wisdom” to the audience may be coming back from the days of the origins of the podosphere — and most content can become evergreen, if it is treated as such and presented to all audiences as such.
  • the decision to re-edit the repurposed episode and make it come up to the standards of the current day. Yes, to catch up with the times of the current podcast publication dates for repurposed episodes, you may have to do a bit of EDITING on the show episodes that were previously edited before the initial publishing. And this may be very important, because this can give new energy, new life and new VALUE to your audience that it will be reaching (and many for the very first time). Thus, by updating the fringes of your podcast episodes, this can increase the value of your content and help to make your new audiences even more loyal and interested. And, yes, I have done this on numerous occasions, as the theme was evergreen, but the examples or the possible proof-of-concept would need to be updated for relevance’s sake.
  • the new and repurposed episodes can also be used as a springboard for gaining more INSPIRATION and spawning new areas to explore with content, as well as increase the value of the original content by going deeper into the subject matter and providing your audience with even more VALUE.

My experience has been to see the downloads increase substantially with the publication of the repurposed episodes. After all, if we believe that the stats from the media hosts show an increase in downloads from our recently released repurposed episodes, then we can possibly imagine that the increase in subscribers to podcasts or the emergence of new listeners within the podosphere are now engaging with our content — even though the content is being repurposed, with or without any updating.

For myself, I have seen some strategies take off with this type of decision for repurposing shows. For instance, in one of my podcast shows that is broadcast over the No Agenda Stream, I have seen that my download numbers increased — and NOT from direct subscribers or followers of my own show, but from those who listen to the stream and then get value from my content. And then they would go to my site and listen to other episodes, as well as download some or all of my back-catalog. This could be a good strategy for some podcasters, if they can have a targeted audience in which they can present themselves and their content to the right listeners who get value from their content. Well, such has been my experience — and this happened without having to pay for any kind of marketing or sales promotions or launch a marketing campaign of any sort. This was a good fortune that my content was seen as giving VALUE to an audience that receives my episode content (some of which are also repurposed) to an audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Thus, we hope that you can find a great way to repurpose your older episodes (whether updated or not) and republish them to an audience that contains the targeted listeners that will find value in your content, and thus will have your podcast grow and be successful.

Thank you for your attention.

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