513- Successful podcast path — content creator to thought leader

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we repurpose a prior episode — and we do this once every year at mid-year. The topic is a review of the steps needed to become a thought leader.

In this episode, we examine the four steps in the journey to becoming a successful content creator, especially for the podcaster. Does “success” mean making lots of money? Some of the “newbies” in the podosphere are making 7 figures, and there are a few who proudly proclaim their revenues and share them online.

But, no, that may not be the measure of success.

Does “success mean having enormous stats? Some of the “newbies” have gazillions of downloads, subscribers, sponsors, listens, views, audience numbers, etc.

But, no that may not be the measure of success.

According to a couple of key podcasters, the true meaning of success lies elsewhere in “thought leadership” — but also with the positive results both in stats and revenue streams.

This content for this episode was inspired by two podcasters, both who have had over 10 years of experience:

(1) Paul Colligan, podcaster of THE PODCAST REPORT; and

(2) Chris Brogan — podcaster, blogger, author and trainer, among many other things.

It was Paul Colligan who called myself a “luminary” several years ago in his podcast episode, when he described me.

It was also Chris Brogan who described the real measure of success monetarily, but also emphasized the importance of “thought leadership.”

Together, they inspired the description of the 4-step journey from podcaster to thought-leader (the latter being the real measure of success, in my humble opinion, as the other mentioned victories in the journey have either been preludes or learning-steps).

As you will hear in this audio episode, the four steps to becoming a “successful” CONTENT CREATOR are detailed and described as:

(1) Subject matter expert that develops into a true “luminary”;

(2) Solution-provider or problem-solver;

(3) Trusted advisor; and then,


After listening to this episode, the rhetorical question for you is “where are you in this journey today, and what is your personal and business target in steps for your future?”

Here are some of the links from the cases-in-point and the resources mentioned in this audio episode:

– THE REFERRAL ENGINE, book by John Jantsch


– THE SPEED OF TRUST, book by Dr. Steven Covey

– PAUL COLLIGAN, podcaster, author & blogger at

– CHRIS BROGAN, author, trainer, blogger at

– SCOTT JOHNSON, podcaster at

– LON NAYLOR, screencaster and podcaster and blogger at

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