512- Different types of -preneurs to start up a small business

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we¬†discuss the various methods of having your podcast assist in starting a small business, but not as the typical entrepreneur. We focus on the different types of “-preneurs” today.

As you will hear in this audio episode (which has been repurposed from another episode), we focus on several types of small business entities — and one of them may suit you, especially if you are a new or aspiring podcaster, or want to become a professional podcaster that wants to create revenue streams for your podcast show in your business.

So whether you wish to become an entrepreneur (in the conventional definition), or whether circumstances have forced you to become a “necessity-preneur”; or whether your end of service in the military is appropriate for you to become a “vetrepreneur“; or your strong desires have you wish to become a “want-repreneur”; or whether you are wanting to become a present-day “hobby-preneur” who will later monetize the podcast and create a startup as a result — the field of podcasting may suit your needs and give you the ability to enter the world of startups and small businesses with a jump-start.

The image of the Vetrepreneur site is at:

102- Vetrepreneur

And there are courses that can help you from the ground up to create a startup. One mentioned in the audio podcast is the course from Stanford University called “How to start a startup” — which still has much evergreen content at:

So if you are an aspiring or new podcaster with thoughts of becoming a small business owner, we hope that you will find one of these “-preneurs” suitable for you as your entry into the world of entrepreneurship.

Thank you for your attention.

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