BONUS – An indirect video can help promote your business and podcast

In this BONUS episode, we discuss a case-in-point that shows how a video that is considered “indirect” can help your business — especially if your entrepreneurship is podcasting or relates to podcasting.

As opposed to a “direct” video that is uploaded to in perhaps your branded channel or personal channel, an “indirect” video is one whose objective and purpose was originally for another party or program that is not yours — but where the popularity and the exposure helped you INDIRECTLY to grow your podcast and grow your business goodwill and promotion.

As my story develops as this example the video that was created was called “Introduce a Bridge Too Far” — and it stuck as my own ID label for YouTube in every type of correspondence in YouTube that occurs to this day (especially in video chat rooms).

In this situation, I had prepared a video that was less than 90 seconds in length and had submitted it in a contest to win the prize of getting to introduce a movie at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival Conference in the early part of 2014. And the title of the video was promoted by TCM on the site as “Introduce a Bridge Too Far.”



Now, my introduction to the 1977 Joseph E Levine classic film directed by Richard Attenborough and called “A Bridge Too Far” (which was based on the book by Cornelius Ryan) was posted as one of many who submitted videos in the contest to introduce a classic film. Needless to say, I did not win the contest, and thus I did not get to stand in front of the TCM audience at this conference and present the intro for the film before its showing.

However, the result of the video’s broadcast was the same as a video whose purpose was to go viral. On the first day, there were over 24,000 views, and this grew since October of 2013 until February of 2014. And thus, my exposure from this type of medium was a positive impact to both my podcast show of The Podcast Reporter and The Struggling Entrepreneur and my business of Matrix Solutions Corporation in the areas of content creation, video creation for training and podcast consulting. And much correspondence resulted as feedback from not only the TCM audience, but also thousands of YouTube subscribers who were into classic movies, war movies, TCM, etc. — as well as podcasters and listeners in the podosphere.

So, what may be an opportunity for you to create some content (whether video or audio or blog or any medium) could actually result as serendipity for you to get a very positive result from a random act of participation in an “indirect” medium for other purposes that do result in promotion for your business or your show.

Thus, we hope that you as entrepreneurs or podcasters can also experience serendipity in creating content for your business or podcast with an “indirect” objective that can result as a very positive growth for both your bottom line or your podcast show.

Perhaps maybe you can get the same result as I did — but I hope that you will have a better ID or name that will promote you or your business or show directly (as many people ask me why my name or ID was called “Introduce A Bridge Too Far”.

Thank you for your attention.

Copyright (c) 2020, Matrix Solutions Corporation and Cornelius Ryan and Turner Classic Movies and TCM and Joseph E Levine and Richard Attenborough and A Bridge Too Far. All rights reserved.