678- TV and outcomes for 2030

In this episode, we discuss the abdominally sick view of the democrats’ attempted rigged “debate” — with 2 anti-Trumpers as moderators (they did not moderate anything). In addition, we have an update of the situation of the royal family in the UK, as well as the local situation in Commie-fornia with the repulsive New-scum as the governor.

But some key factors in this discussion for this episode are:

  • The Royal Family of the UK and what it means for the future of the Brits;
  • The role of the new Prime Minister and what it could mean for the future of the UK;
  • How presidential debates can influence the outcome of elections — case in point: Gerald Ford;
  • How Adam Curry’s discussion recently hints at the personal ambitions of 3 females and how they seek to get more power even more than their husbands, who are in seats of power:  Hillary, Camilla and Jill “O-Biden”;
  • The key factors for Adam Curry’s thesis that the military industrial complex has key roles for the election in 2024, along with other theses recently discussed on the episode;
  • The disaster that is the state of “Commie-fornia”;
  • How the democrats are planting double-talk in the media and their lies about Bo-Jiden;
  • How the race for democrats can leave them helpless to keep controlling the government;

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