403- Podcast episode scripts

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we describe the types of scripts in podcasting — from show notes, outlines, questions, formats, different styles, etc. This theme was proposed by an article in by Frank Gracciope.

Spontaneity, as well as exciting reading of a script, is essential — as you will NOT want to be boring in your audio recording and have your listener not want to consume your content.

As you will hear in this audio episode, we mention Daniel J Lewis and his delay to entering podcasting because he was such a perfectionist — including the creation and editing and re-editing of the SCRIPT verbatim.

In the article, Frank mentions that you can also use a casual script, if your podcast and your personality can support excitement of being natural and conversational. He also gives hints and tips in different segments of the article.

In my own experience, I use the example of Jack Welch (RIP), the former CEO of General Electric. In my opinion, it was obvious that he was reading a script in a near-boring manner (this was in addition to his screeching voice that was very unpleasant to listen).

So, we hope that you understand your own communication style. And if you will be using scripts for your podcast, we hope that you can find the right balance of voice, audio, excitement, lively, educational, entertaining and informational qualities to make the content INTERESTING to the listener.

Thank you for your attention.

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