542- Podcasting changes for your audience podosphere experience

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss the results of a study that influenced me and that I underwent a review after listening to a May, 2021, episode from Evo Terra in his Podcast Pontifications show.

In that episode from Evo,  the question pondered was: how is a podcaster supposed to embrace and live by consistency, since everything in the podosphere is changing so rapidly?

So, with this in mind, he explained how he went through a review of his own podcast show and wondered how he could improve and change it for the better, as a good experience for the listener and audience. And Evo listed nine things that he did with his show to improve it, as the theme of the episode was “The Process of Changing your Podcast.”

Thus, I let the study take place over some time. So I looked at most of these nine things which related to me and my shows, and I added a couple more (see, below, for my comments of my own review, as well) for me to examine in my review — although I did not wish to change anything just for the sake of changing. Evo Terra and I are different in that aspect, for he gets the urge to change often.

And the nine things that Evo examined do follow my 2 additional items. They are:

  • Repurposing older episodes from all my podcast shows and re-relate them to the current environment — this is one of the extra items that I added, for I did comment about this earlier in this podcast show. And this has worked extremely well for me, for content can be fresh and new (even though the theme is from before), but with a different spin that relates to the current time;
  • contemplating whether to add a co-host or to add additional current interviews with key people who can add to the value of the show for the listener — this is the other extra item that I added. And this means that you should always be asking how to improve the show from the audience’s perspective. For example, do they want to hear another voice or another viewpoint or even some rants or banter or polite arguments or discussion?
  • And here are the nine changes that were experienced by Evo in his podcast show this year:
    • How to do your podcast prep — mainly the OUTLINE and the steps, the process, the resources and the habits;  [for me, I have tightened my podcast prep for all my 3 shows]
    • Change your sites and phone resources for all new branding; [for me, this was not a key issue and needed no update]
    • Update and re-implement a brand new web site; [for me, this was not applicable]
    • Incorporate CORRECTED transcripts with different collaboration and processes for speedy transcripts; [I do use show notes as a means of transcripts for my audience]
    • Any change to your electronic in-box deliveries of your newsletters and email correspondence to your mailing list with the third party vendor or company you may choose (remember that Adam Curry had a problem with Mail Chimp recently); [This was not applicable for me]
    • Evo switched to an herbal tea from coffee, due to vocal coach suggestions; [I drink both tea and coffee quite sparingly]
    • Evo has been seeing a vocal coach, so that he can take care of his resource (his voice) for the future as a podcaster; [I have not employed a vocal coach]
    • Evo has engaged a sound engineer to improve the sound of his episodes and great quality with a brand new way to do post-production; [I have improved my own post-production processes, tools and quality]
    • Evo has changed his processes for creating in-app episode details, thanks to Apple; [this, for me, did not apply]

If you are on a show that has a seasonal publishing schedule, then you may want to do your improvements from this list (or also from those of your own lists) for your next season — that is, after you leave a hint to your audience about changes at the end of your current season.

As Evo said: “Changing is never finished.”

And so we may see Evo changing and improving on a faster track than you may be on, it is still a good idea to review some of the ideas of change that Evo has done after a good study, and then see if your podcast may be able to benefit from one or more of these to improve your show. If you do, we hope that the results will be increasing your audience, getting your listeners to agree that you did provide value to them and having better success in all ways for your show.

Thank you for your attention.

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