389- Remote podcast recording software — overview

In this episode of, we discuss the different types of apps and programs that support remote podcast call recording — which was published in

The article goes on to list the available software recording programs and apps today, with a short description of each in its own environment.

In my own environment, I did enjoy using the older program called PowerGramo. This allowed me to record remote calls over Skype, especially where one track had my audio and the other track recorded my interviewee or guest audio. However, this program is no longer available (ever since Skype was acquired by Microsoft).

So, I have tolerated using the technique of the double-ender to record audio conversations over the telephone and interviews with my co-host of, Matt Cox of Brunch With The Brits podcast. I have also used this for an interview with Don Winn of Soldiers Stories Podcast.

So, whatever method you choose to use for remote podcast recording or interviewing over the phone or via the internet, we hope that you can get the best audio quality at the best cost for your successful podcast show.

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