387- Resurrecting older podcast solutions

In this episode of, we address the topic of deciding to keep or re-use or just utilize older podcast “bundle” solutions within today’s environment of recent announcements and availability of the latest solutions for podcasting. And could it be worth it among all the other solutions?

For this episode, we explore my own personal situation of re-discovering and using in today’s environment a bundle called “Podcast Studio” from Behringer:

So we discuss here the following themes:

  • The price differential from the original purchase to today’s cost (which is difficult to find);
  • The description of the original bundle and its components in 2007;
  • Resurrecting the bundle solution;
  • Using the bundle today in podcasting and the quality of the offering and its results.

We hope that you can relate to comparing your own podcast equipment to the modern equivalent of products that are offered in the podosphere outlets. And then you can decide if there is still some good life and quality in the older solution, or whether you should migrate to newer solutions. For many, it is the same type of comparison that is used by those who are driving older automobiles (some of them classics) rather than obtain newer cars today.

In the world of podcasting, there are earlier hardware solutions that are available from podcasters who “broker” the older products for attractive prices — like Daniel J Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast and Scott Johnson of What was that Like.

Whatever your decision, we hope you enjoyed this brief audio episode of my own situation that may relate to some of the examples in your own studio.

Thank you for your attention.

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