377- Structuring intros and outros for podcasts

In this episode of, we discuss some ideas for structuring the intros and outros of your podcast episodes.

As you will hear from this repurposed episode, some of the tips come from a recent post in These tips can be summarized in the following:

  • Your intro should “hook” the listener;
  • Your intro gives your listener an idea of the content of your show — you should make him WANT to consume the content;
  • Your outro can summarize the benefits of your content;
  • Your outro can have a call-to-action for your listener, especially for subscribing to get future episodes.
  • You need to create thougtful and COMPELLING intros and outros to compete with the other 1 million podcasts shows in the podosphere.

and there are other tips that suggest what you should include in your intros and outros. In fact, there is even the beginning of a template for an intro in this episode.

Remember, a poor outro can be the determining factor for your listener becoming a fan or losing interest or following your call-to-action. And yes, there are several examples for different outro calls-to-action.

One of the best podcast episodes that went into great detail about intros and outros was delivered by Daniel J Lewis in his episode 30 of his show called The Audacity to Podcast.

Although the topic of music is not touched upon in this episode, we hope that these suggestions can be value for you to implement in your show.

Thank you for your attention.

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