487- Some suggestions about surveys in Podcasting

In this episode of the Podcast Reporter, we discuss aspects of listener surveys for those who listen to podcasts, as well as others. We refer you to a post and article to discuss this for podcasters in order to get the value you need to grow your audience and deliver value to your listeners. The article is at

Many feel that surveys may not be useful or that they are a waste of time and resources from your podcast and business. However, as stated in the article, there is a disagreement to this meme: “ I’ll say this—I don’t think there is such a thing as a useless survey. All surveys have value. Where they fall flat is often in how they are characterized or reported.”


What the author of the article mentions is the purpose of decision support and the possibility of bias in the way that surveys are created. The article then discusses THE THREE BIASES, followed by some suggestions to fix the problem that is mentioned in detail:

” Who wouldn’t take that survey?

– Question: those who would and those who would not take this survey?”

“In the case of a podcast, it is less about who couldn’t take a survey, and more about who can take it easily. If you put a link to an online survey in your show notes, you will get a differentially larger response from people who read your show notes.”

The author then talks about what he calls “The Virtuous Circle.”

“For a podcast, that might be access to some content of value, but you do have to be careful here—if it’s just an exclusive episode of your show, you will get a response from the people for whom more of you is desirable—in other words, you biggest fans. … And regardless of the size of your audience, if you are going to make an audio solicitation in the show itself for listeners to fill out a survey—make it host-read and engaging. It makes a HUGE difference.

So many marketers have this received wisdom about online surveys being a great alternative because they are fast and cheap. But there is an enormous benefit to doing online surveys the right way, making an investment in all segments of your customer base, and creating a virtuous circle between the desire to share information with your brand, and the desire to spread information about your brand with others.”

So if you are an aspiring or new podcaster that has been contemplating creating and executing surveys for your listeners for your podcast, we recommend that you peruse this post. Also, you may get some feedback from one of the podcast veterans about surveys — i.e., Daniel J Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast show (you can search the backlog archives to listen to he episode about surveys).

Thank you for your attention.

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