449- Advice on testing out a Podcast idea for success

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we again discuss a post from Ben Krueger of titled “HOW TO TEST YOUR PODCAST IDEA (BEFORE YOU INVEST IN IT).”

In this post, Ben delivers some ideas to consider if you wish to start a podcast that will have business success for you BEFORE you invest all the time, effort, trouble, money and “blood, sweat and tears” to create and publish it, and finally monitor it. And you can get the content of the post from Ben’s web site.

Now, in reading this post, you may see that there is a lot of planning, evaluating and testing that has to be done before you finalize your decision to begin the processes of starting and publishing a podcast show with an idea that you may have.

First, Ben discusses his perspective on which types of businesses will have a better chance of success with podcasts than others — and he gives you the reasons why and why not. He terms this with “best results” themes for success. He lists the different types of businesses that will have a better fit; and he even lists the types of businesses where podcasting may not be the best tool for success.

Next, Ben then gives strategies for testing out your idea before you podcast. For example, the overview of the steps are:

  • Record a sample episode;
  • Be a guest on someone else’s podcast;
  • Four detailed steps in pursuing this test; and
  • Moving forward with your podcast once you see that you passed the “test.”

And Ben even delivers sample scripts and templates that you, as a podcaster, can use to test out your idea with these steps. And these details do provide some good value for you.

Of course, Ben also promotes his book “How to create the perfect business podcast” at the end of the post. In this way, he delivers the overview of the test, and his  book from his web site is the offer that can assist you from his membership funnel.

As a podcaster that can see the value for new or aspiring podcasters to have such details and templates to help in the testing out of ideas, I would suggest that these deliverables will be very helpful in the process of PLANNING your podcast show. I would recommend viewing the content and using some of the template-based ideas in preparing the validation for your idea of the podcast show.

So, for whichever method you may choose to test out your idea in planning your podcast with the idea that you have, I sincerely hope that short-cuts like this suggested test may assist you in creating a show that will pass the litmus test and have the best results for making your show a success.

Thank you for your attention.

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