546- Podcasting publishing where no motivation may exist

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss an article that came out earlier in 2021 from that seems to pontificate the themes of recording a podcast episode for your show when you have no motivation or when the excitement of the ideal for your podcast show is losing its strength to what the article says is the reality of “the grey monotony of the daily grind.”

Now, this article expands on the ideas of motivation vs. accomplishments and the state of mind in forcing yourself as a podcaster to publish an episode for your show, especially when reality of work and effort will try to combat your enthusiasm that had you initially visualize and launch your show. And here are the topics covered in this article:

  • Discipline trumps motivation — “Discipline is what gives structure and direction to our lives” by locking in your schedule and your systems;
  • Find the right physical space;
  • Find the right head space — “a happy you is a happy podcaster, and a happy podcaster is a motivated one”;
  • Treat yourself (especially with self-rewards for completing certain tasks in your workflow — especially for finally posting and publishing an episode);
  • Remind yourself of WHY — with a physical tip for you to see a reminder of your initial goals for launching the podcast;

And David Hutchinson, the author, delivers his own conclusion for the text of the article.

So, you yourself as a podcaster have to see what your motivation was when you started the podcast to remind yourself, and then you can see the VALUE to you and your audience. By monitoring your FEEDBACK and your RESULTS of “subscriptions” and “follows” and other stats, you can then be vicarious in accepting the reasons positively for continuing to put out your content in giving value to your audience — that is, of NOT letting them down by podfading or delaying an episode. Remember that delay of an episode in a situation where your audience expects consistency of some sort is the first step in the formula to LOSING your audience bit by bit — and this loss is what could be causing your neagativity in podcasting and making it more difficult to find the energy, strength, enthusiasm, positivity, excitement and passion to continue podcasting.

We hope that you can find THE WHY that will fuel your WHAT and your HOW to continue to post your episodes when your motivation may be challenged by the various reasons of reality vs. passion.

Thank you for your attention.

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