436- Some ways to freshen up Podcasts

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver our own perspectives about a topic that came to us from a recent email sent from Squadcast that delivered an article about improving content for podcasters.

The name of the article and post was: “Need to freshen up your podcast? 10 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Content.” This was sent in an email by

The article cites ten of the personal favorite suggestions that may help a podcast “freshen up” the podcast. Now, I have been told by others that these are overly simplistic and rather obvious. Well, that may be so. But these are the obvious things that slip our minds when we are putting content together. And some of them may ring a bell in your mind as a reminder to review these suggestions and see if they can, in fact, freshen up your content.

These suggestions have a few descriptive sentences for each of the suggestions. In a short list, they are:

1. Keep listening to a LOT of other podcasts

2. Think back to the stories your family has told you

3. It’s all about curiosity

4. Look to your audience
“Your listeners aren’t just the people who are out there receiving the
content you create. They should be inspiring the content you create.”
… And what’s more inspiring than people?”

5. Pay attention to criticism

6. Create space for inspiration to find you

7. Leverage your skills

8. Diversity

9. Let people share their own stories

10. Stop stressing about “winning”

For this podcaster, the suggestion to focus on your audience and really “look” at them caught my attention. As was stated, they could be the ones who INSPIRE your content, not just the targets that will be consuming your content.

We hope that some of these suggestions would remind you of the importance of your podcast shows, so that you can “freshen up” your podcasts and make them more interesting and be able to increase your audience and deliver more VALUE.

Thank you for your attention.

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