459- A guest form for your Podcast

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss a post with the title of “Creating a Guest Form for Your Podcast” from the site called  “Podcast Creation and Marketing for Businesses and Brands.”

In this post, the following topics are discussed and explained in much more detail (some with examples):

  • Why create a guest form?
  • Some suggested templates available;
  • Preferred title or role of the guest;
  • Organization of the guest;
  • Bio of the guest;
  • Release from the guest;
  • Headshot of the guest;
  • Optional questions;
  • Links that highlight the guest, the topic and other resources;
  • Exciting topics for the guest;
  • Expectations of the guest for the interview or discussion; and
  • Aspects of embedding your form with hints, tips and examples of environments in which to embed the form

Now, for this podcaster, I have been recording podcast episodes with guests as interviewees. I have had a good workflow, and even some commentary and recordings have been done by other podcasters who have been my guest — and the results and analysis of BEING INTERVIEWED have been published in various episodes (including a show, by Max Flight. As a side note, you yourself may be called upon to be the GUEST and BE INTERVIEWED. And we have a past audio episode from this series that is delivered by Max Flight on the issues and the preparation of being interviewed:

Thus, I would agree with this post that a good checklist is great to have handy when you are doing the pre-production work for your episode — and handy also for your post-production tasks. The guide or map of the themes and topics and questions to be discussed is vital. The other aspects — including the headshot, the bio, the links, the release, the expectations by the interviewee — they are all important and deserve attention.

One aspect that I would add is to include in your conversation or your written release that an edited version of the mp3 file will be available to your guest for review — and that edits can be made only to that version of the audio file with the request of the guest. In this way, you can allow yourself the luxury of having a complete agreement as to the final content of the guest’s audio during the interview.

But you may also have additional details, tasks, aspects, etc., for your guest that you may include in your own guest form, should you create one on your own. If so, we wish you the best in having great guests, creating good content and seeing success in growing your show and delivering VALUE both to your guest and to your audience — for your guest will want to spread the word of the interview by word of mouth and by reference. So you will have success in more areas for your show.

Thank you for your attention.

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