602 – Podcasting imposter syndrome — steps to overcome it

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter show, we discuss the topic of imposter syndrome — not only what it is (according to Chris Land), but also how to detect it in your own self and publications, and how to avoid it. This is explained in a post published earlier this year at this URL:

For many podcasters, this is a common fear. And although we did have a prior episode that started to scratch the surface of this theme, we now deliver a bit more from this newer post in 2022 to help you decide about imposter syndrome and perhaps your feelings about it as either a newer or aspiring podcaster.

The topics in this post cover the following areas:

The article ends with a summary and point of view from the author as he tries to give you a positive, uplifting and generous result for your own self-doubt.

For this podcaster, I have sometimes felt the imposter syndrome about the technical aspects. But I had enough experience as a systems engineer for over 30 years in the high tech industry to overcome this. I did get the skills I needed right away, and I kept my continuing education ON MY OWN in the tech area, as well as the interviewing environment and I did keep up with information and events in podcasting — from subscribing and consuming the podcast shows about podcasting, as well as attending and participating in the events that were held where podcasters got together and shared training, experiences and new announcements.

And I did feel comfortable in overcoming this syndrome very quickly, as I did have 16 different podcast shows running at the same time in 2011 — just five years after entering the podosphere. Since that time, I have podfaded most, but I have started four new shows since then.

So I would strongly suggest that you consume this article. Then I would recommend that you create a matrix of the syndrome and its symptoms, and then see how you have either addressed it now with your shows, or how you have overcome this in the past. This will give you a better perspective of dealing with the “tiger” in a factual way and then I suggest that this will give you more STRENGTH, more CONFIDENCE, and it will make you less vulnerable to the imposter syndrome in podcasting.

Thank you for your attention.

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