567- Podcast promotion services and their value

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss a recent post from Ben Krueger of that deals with the value to the podcaster of podcast promotion services (and, of course, the value that he adds when he services you, as there is a call-to-action to use his services).

Ben Krueger

Now, as you know, I have known Ben since 2014 when he and I both shared an exhibit table at the first Podcast Movement conference in 2014. Ben has always delivered good content (and much of it in the form of free pdf files with some gems in them) and has been an advocate for working smartly and effectively to create a successful podcast show for your entrepreneurial business.

In this recent episode titled “Podcast Promotion Service (Guide for 2021),” Ben delivers some key points to educate the new and aspiring podcasters about podcast promotion services — including what they are and how to view them to decide if you should include them in your business workflow for your podcasting business.

In fact, the post from Ben has these sections with good content and explanations for each:

  • Where can I promote my podcast?
  • How do I get more podcast listeners?
  • What is a podcast promotion service?
  • What is the most popular podcast platform?
  • How do podcasts go viral?
  • How do I know if my podcast is doing well?

I would suggest that you go and examine this post with these sections to understand the nature of podcast promotion servicing, and then you can decide if such a service is right for your business, your podcast show and your workflow.

First, Ben explains what the service is:  “A podcast promotion service is designed to help you get your podcast heard by the largest number of listeners possible. Podcast promotion services will typically promote your show on different platforms to increase visibility and traffic, which can lead to more listeners and reviews.”

Besides publicizing the release of each episode and promoting it to the various audiences that you have targeted for your message, these services can add another vehicle besides WOMMA (i.e., word of mouth marketing and advertising) to allow your podcast to actually get some statistics that can give you results of your podcast distribution and see how far the word has been spread for your show.  This can help you to distribute and market your show.

Ben also focuses on Spotify and Google Podcasts as examples of some services, along with the strengths of each.

But there are others that are springing up every day. In fact, other Business Podcasters such as Adam Schaeuble of Podcast Business School will also direct you as a novice podcaster to his services, or that of others whom he trusts.

But regardless of which service provider you would consider, Ben also includes the call-to-action for his own services at “We can provide you with a broad range of data for you to see whether your podcast is performing well. Based on this data, we can make strategic improvements to your audio content to take things to the next level. If you’re looking for a podcast production service and a podcast promotion service, don’t hesitate to reach out!.”

So, we hope that this post can deliver some bit of education for you as a podcaster,  so that you can decide whether to include such services for your show and your business, in the quest for monetization. So we wish you the best in creating your podcast promotion services and using them to help make your podcast a success for you.

Thank you for your attention.

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