429- Podcasting 10 commandments — then and now

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver to you the announcement of publications on podcasting that dealt with the metaphor of the “ten commandments” of podcasting.

This theme of 10 commandments for podcasting is not new — it dates back to 2006, in the now-podfaded audio podcast that was called Marketing Online Live with Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian, episodes # 38 and 39. This was published from years earlier in the sections titled the  Business Podcasting 10 Commandments in a previous book called The Business Podcasting Bible.

And then we list the current 10 commandments of podcasting, as espoused by Baruch Labunski in an article from

For example, the first  Business Podcasting Commandments  stated in the early book by Paul Colligan are (and we use “shall” instead of “shalt”):

  • Thou shall ask thy audience what they want;
  • Thou shall know thy audience;
  • Thou shall match message to market;
  • Thou shall repurpose when possible;
  • Thou shall separate channel from medium (where Channel is technology and medium is format);
  • Thou shall go in with a strategy;
  • Thou shall teach consumption;
  • Thou shall have a monetization strategy;
  • Thou shall consume the best; and
  • Thou shall live the freedom lifestyle.

Now, in 2020, we get an updated point of view of this metaphor in the podosphere in the article published in July of 2020 in the site by Baruch Labunski called “The 10 Commandments of Podcasting
How to build your brand and cultivate a loyal following through a podcast.”

And these 10 commandments are the following:

1. Thou shall not do it for the money
2. Thou shall be a consumer
3. Thou shall reflect well on your brand
4. Thou shall be useful
5. Thou shall not be a salesperson
6. Thou shall get personal
7. Thou shall create a consistent format
8. Thou shall release episodes regularly
9. Thou shall be professional
10. Thou shall be sociable

Now, for this podcaster, the viewpoint is very much different, thanks to social media and the social justice warrior frameworks of the younger podcasters. I highly encourage you to consume both to get a critical thinking opinion.

As you can see from the Paul Colligan book, the focus is monetization and profitable podcasting, with very little viewpoints on ideals. However, even though some of the ideas may seem similar, the tendency with today’s viewpoints revolves around a world that could be filled with “unicorns and rainbows” (so to speak). And the statement that reveals this is the first of the 10 commandments from the 2020 article, which is not to do it for the money — whereas profitable podcasting has an emphasis in making a podcast with great revenue streams for your business. And that is why they call the book the BUSINESS Podcasting Bible.

So, even though many credit themselves to be the first with the 10 commandments of podcasting, they are 14 years behind. And the key difference is the emphasis on revenue generation and profitable podcasting.

Now, you can read the 2020 article in detail, and then you may want to compare it to the precepts delivered in the earlier book by Paul Colligan. You can then make up your own mind and see which is more practical for the aspiring or new podcaster that can help to make the podcast show a success, as well as more profitable. For myself, I tend to side with the older and proven commandments from Paul Colligan (as I myself have lived by them years ago when I had published podcasts for profit — and, yes, I was successful).

Thank you for your attention.

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