604- Review of Podcasting types — from hobby to educational to monetized

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter Podcast Show, we answer some questions that have been brought up by our listeners about the different types of podcast shows that can be created in order to promote their passion or their message — or just plain do it for fun or as a hobby or to master podcasting skills. And many want to make money or create revenue streams for business, and that’s okay, too.

So here are some of the types of podcasting (and it is not a complete list) which you can enter and manage — especially from the types that I have created, managed, posted and published as a podcaster:

  • hobby –
  • fun –
  • monetized –
  • professional –
  • instructional –
  • current events or political importance-
  • mastering podcasting skills-
  • co-host podcasts with one or more co-hosts-
  • interviews with guests-
  • the drama podcasts, especially new crime wave-
  • and others


We would like to wish you well in choosing which type of podcast you prefer and niche-down to your targeted audience, so that your show will be popular among your listeners and grow, so that your objectives (whichever they may be, either financial or passion-based) can be achieved with your successful podcast.

Thanks for your attention.

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