597- Experience and tips for aging Podcasters

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we discuss an experience that leads to tips for older entrepreneurs who may be having some signs of aging in today’s complex world of New Media. This experience comes from my own history as both a New Media specialist, a podcaster, a podcast consultant, an author of magazine and blog articles — and especially an entrepreneur.

Aging can bring on certain medical complications

We all have heard about medical situations caused by Alzheimers and Parkinsons and other complications.

  • From other people — Bill O’Reilly: we have heard on the Bill O’Reilly podcast shows that he is now gripped with a complication of dropping items, dropping food from his utensils and other faults of not having balance in what he holds. To me, this seems to be a sign of the beginning of Parkinsons — which can lead to other things — even though it has not been proven or announced. So this can be a sublte “wake-up call” for entrepreneurs and podcasters who are seniors and continue thier craft of creating content in the podosphere. And please remember that Bill is the same age as myself (although he was not a combat infantryman in Vietnam and exposed to agent orange, thus to have medical complications). So he and I are on the same path of aging — as it was stated in the movie called King Solomon’s Mines: “we are living on borrowed time.”
  • From other people: Rush Limbaugh: We have seen that a radio personality and entrepreneur who had a radio show and a podcast show years ago also succumbed to cancer recently. And this complication affected the voice, the publication of content and the ability to reach his audience.

From this entrepreneur

As a small business owner and past entrepreneur who also was an author of blog and magazine articles, as well as a voice-over artist and an instructor for both entrepreneurship and podcasting, I myself have been recently plagued with complications to health that have knocked me down at various times with medical problems that cometimes required operations.

As a combat infantryman during the Vietnam War, I was exposed to Agent Orange and am now suffering from complications of that toxin — more than 8 of them, to be truthful. From diabetes to neuropathy to prostate cancer, as well as a recent problem called Vestibular Motion Disorder — and, of course, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and the beginnings of Parkinsons and Alzheimers and dementia — I have had to undergo operations for kidney problems and hernia problems and also a ruptured appendix…and so on.

Thus, I have had to deal with the problems of having medical complications, as well as just AGING. Thus, in addition to the medication that was delivered to me by various physicians, I have also discovered something that has helped me to deal with aging in these areas:

  • forgetfulness and loss of short-term memory;
  • slowing the erosion of vision and hearing problems;
  • lessening the symptoms of vestibular motion disorder as a kind of therapy;
  • and a few very minor issues.

The treatment I had was AUDIO CONSUMPTION of podcast episodes that deal with business, entrepreneurship, podcasting, monetization, and sometimes deconstruction of current issues and events by a third party that is not consumed by the radical left (but that can prove with audio clips the facts that they deliver to the audience).

By listening to podcasts in a very comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down (or even walking by taking a walk in and around the quiet neighborhood), I have been able to sharpen my mind (which is being affected in memory loss, balance, equilibrium while standing or moving, as well as decreasing the vertigo episodes from the vestibular motion disorder). This sharpening of my mind has allowed me to lessen the effects of aging, so that I can continue with business tasks and mental planning and action items similar to what I had done before 10 years ago. In fact, it even helped me to enunciate my words better when I record a podcast or deliver a presentation to an audience or to prospects, as well as communicate with customers.

Bottom line: audio consumption is a therapy for me

As you can see, for myself, consuming podcast episodes or audio books that help me to develop my business or my podcasting tactics is a great therapy for me. And it helps me with the problems of aging, as well as dealing with complications from other situations (such as medical problems that affect an aging entrepreneur).

Now, this is my story — and it works for me still today. I highly recommend it. When I was with some PTSD therapy groups 15 years ago, I shared this with my comrades, and it seemed to work for a couple of them that stuck with it. And I am sure that trying this will be just like the commercial: “your results will vary.”

But whatever you decide to do to cope with some of the complications of aging, we hope that if you try this therapy, it will work for you. We wish that your business will prosper and that the effect will help you to succeed and to lessen the issues of aging as an entrepreneur or podcaster.

Thank you for your attention.

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