563- Review of Zoom H1n Podcast recorder and accessories

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter, we deliver what we had promised earlier — a review of the Zoom H1n portable handy podcast recorder, along with the accessory pack that supports the system.

The Zoom H1n also has a standard accessory pack. Besides being a “nice-to-have,” the surprise I got was that the USB cable (which also serves as a cable to the power source for non-battery operations) does not come with the Zoom H1n. Thus, if you really want to record to your HC-SD micro card and then transfer your recording to your computer for editing, you do need this additional $27 pack.

This review was done completely at random in an office environment, with noise in the background and shuffling the paper handy quick guide delivered by Zoom. I did record this 15-minute recording to my new 32 GB High Capacity micro SD card, which I also acquired for a mere $11.00 USD.

Thus, I hope you will not mind if this review is unrehearsed and impromptu, but it can give you an idea of this system for a podcaster. I consider it a good value so far, and I plan to put it into full use within my podcasting systems.

Thank you for your attention.

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