662- Salute to the greatest generation and the advent of the worst generation

In this episode of The Podcast Reporter show, we deliver to you a stream-of-consciousness discussion as we sadly are delivering a tribute and bidding farewell to those of THE GREATEST GENERATION while we are seeing the advent of evil from THE WORST GENERATION toward the trend to 2030.

Now, this is a repurposed episode from the 2030 Podcast show with the same title.

NOW, What was the GREATEST GENERATION and how did that name arise and how was it praised?

– The noted correspondent and news personality — especially Jennings, etc. — solidified by the serial documentary “THE 20TH CENTURY: AMERICA’S TIME”

– The lessons learned by 17 million Americans who rose up to the cause for WWII and Korea:

* they learned what it was to fight a real war for the country;

* they learned to appreciate the values of freedom

* they valued the liberty of the nation and they were grateful for what they had when they returned — and for the opportunities that they were offered when they returned home or after their sacrifice for serving;

* they appreciated the strong, traditional values of hard work that would lead to success, as well as the education offerings from the GI Bill to help them on their road to career offerings;

* they valued the essence of THE AMERICAN DREAM and the road to achieve that in their lives:

– the value and appreciation of raising a family;

–  the value of having a rule of law and of logic;

– the belief in the goodness of Man and the ability to help others, while paving their way to their own success;

– the ability to reap the rewards of their own Judaeo-Christian legacies and respect the religions and beliefs of others;

– the essence of spirituality in life while believing in the goodness of religious beliefs;

– for many, the attitude of patriotism and service to the country that defended those beliefs.

When did this start to change?

– blame Mario Savio and the Berkley protests, demonstrations and riots by the younger college crows that said that GOD WAS DEAD and refused to serve their military obligations as citizens;

– blame the “drug generation” from the “beat generation” that wanted only to “tune in, turn on and drop out.”

– blame the draft dodgers and those who refused to take responsibility for themselves in trying to make a better life for themselves instead of protesting and wanting everything given to them because they felt that they were entitled to it;

– blame the ENTITLEMENT GENERATION who would believe only in rainbows and unicorns and the belief that everyone gets a participation trophy instead of being competitive in the local and world stage.

– blame the government and the military industrial complex for lies to the American public;

– blame the spoiled children like Jane Fonda and draft dodgers like Bill Clinton and phonies like John Kerry that influenced the younger generations in contrary beliefs about service, sacrifice and citizenship;

– blame the politicians who saw greed and selfishness as the ultimate road to power, and to keep themselves in power while being influenced by the evil beings like Soros and evil programs to chip away at the American Dream;

The result is the growth of the radical left (they call themselves progressives, but they are really the vanguard for a destructive world of entitlements and power-seekers for big government and control of the population by exploiting the people’s goodness) and the extremists who call others extremists by living the playbook of the communists and Marxists.

So, are there any hopes for goodness and values to come in the future?

The greatest generation fought in WWII, so they are now in the 90s and late 90s (some over 100 years old)  — and they are quickly leaving our lives due to death. The younger generations who are self-centered and feel “entitled” to everything with no regard to service or sacrifice or the American Dream or giving back to the nation that allowed them to have the benefits of their lives — these are the underlings who will soon realize that they are more worthless as citizens or humans because of such “progressive” beliefs from the radical left.

So we have progressed in the past in the second half of the 20th century  to an awesome world and environment of possibilities and achievements and the ability of finding success to the current modern environment of doubt, uncertainty, and valueless idiots that believe only in being entitled for no reason except in their scattered brains — and especially with no hopes for family, future and spiritual ideals that helped to create what we had before in the “greatest generation.”

And so for the first half of the twenty-first century, we see the that this generation is absolutely the WORST GENERATION that will lead to the fall of the accomplishments and tasks achieved by those who valued education and service and sacrifice. Instead of heroes who could have helped all Mankind, you have evil villains like Soros, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Greta Tunberg and AOC that is now bringing down any success from the past.

The only thing that today’s WORST GENERATION can offer to you and yours is the evil of an ominous future outlined by what George Orwell told us in his novel, 1984, as well as the movie, Soylent Green.

The WORST GENERATION is filled with leaders who want surveillance of everyone and who will actually behave like “Big Brother” to you and yours in the upcoming struggle between good and evil.

We certainly will be following the trends that may take us to the year 2030 with perhaps a more positive outlook. We will advise you of our viewpoints as the attempted exploitations occur.

Thank you for your attention.

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