Aug 22

Bonus Episode 4- Updated Review – one month later- PodMovU

This Podcast Reporter’s perspective is the second review of, or PodMov University, which went live on 15 July 2014. The review is one month later, on 19 August 2014 — and the results are very disappointing.

PodMov-welcome screen- 15July2014


Let me first say that this Podcast Reporter was one of the early customers to sign up for this program when it was announced. With great expectations from the hype and promises of this program, this Podcast Reporter even contributed some content (which is now included in what is classified as an “Expert Tutorial”) and hoped that this program would succeed, both as a paying customer and as a donor and contributor.

This second look at this site, which is a premium offering from the “faculty” of this program, examines the navigation, the features, the sections in the dashboard — and whether or not they meet the expectation of value that was promised to those who signed up for a paid monthly fee.

As you will hear in this audio episode, unfortunately, the value was not delivered — and the episode tells you why.

With hopes that this offering gets fixed, the only recommendation that this Podcast Reporter can make is that you should probably stay away from this fee offering and look at better alternatives like:

Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting (which is also cheaper on a year’s subscription);

John Lee Dumas and his Podcasters’ Paradise; or

Daniel J Lewis’s Podcast Master Class.

However, if you wish to get FREE resources that are much better than and deliver a richer experience and greater value, then you should consider:

– Dave Jackson’s ASK THE PODCAST COACH on Saturday mornings, with live call-in from the audience and also live demonstration to answer a question on a google hangout;


The Podcasters Community on google+.

Our next and final review of this program will be in about 4 to 5 weeks, to see if any of the situations mentioned in the audio episode are, indeed, fixed or not. classroom screen-23Aug2014-at-1106hrs

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Jul 15

Bonus Episode 2- First looks and early perspectives of PodMovU: “3rd time’s a charm” or “Strike 3- you’re out”?

In this episode, we provide some first looks and early perspectives — which are “this reporter’s opinion” about (PodMovUniversity).

This recording and results of viewing the offering (from one who was one of the first to pay and subscribe to this offering) took place at midnight on Tuesday, 15 July 2014, which was the moment when the site and offering went live. So this is the earliest view that we could observe and deliver this perspective and opinion.

NOTE: An update of the first scheduled “Office Hours” of this program:

The scheduled “office hours” (which is described in the audio episode) was for 18 July 2014 at 12 noon — although no time zone was specified (we can only assume it is Central time, as that is where the organizers are). This reporter logged on to the “classroom” (where it was assumed that perhaps it would be broadcast there). I was logged on for 52 minutes, and I sent a chatroom request to see if they would be holding the session in a webinar jam, and thus, I asked for the link. There was no answer.

I sent two emails just before the top of the hour (12 noon central time) asking for the link or the location and info about the “office hours,” as I wanted to attend as a paying member.

Well, 45 minutes later, I received a reply email that the two organizers had “pulled it off the event calendar” for this day, because the tech was “not properly functioning.” Even though there was a sentence that stated that they would have one in the following week and that they would “provide all the needed info before then,” I did not feel comfortable with this situation.

Thus, I responded to them with this email reply:

“Was there any email note sent to the membership telling them about this change? …Where will the “office hours” be? in the “classroom”? or in a webinar jam on a separate link? In addition to the correct time zone (Not everyone is in Central time zone, and if we travel for business, we may be in a different time zone), updating the membership should be a priority to communicate changes like this — it is only common courtesy and professionalism. Otherwise, it is a disappointment to your credibility…”

Perhaps these are learning curves that are encountered by startups, but I would expect things like this to happen in a FREEMIUM model where they have not charged the customer, so that they can “shake out the bugs” before they start taking money from the customers (like me).

By launching too early, the credibility and professionalism of the program and the individuals really suffers with problems like these (that can be anticipated and tested prior to launch). And one can only wonder if they place enough importance on communication skills to inform their membership of these types of changes, which take away some of the promised value of the program.

The “jury is still out,” but this is one situation which can make the demanding paying customer quite uncomfortable with future communications and commitments of this program.


PodMov-welcome screen- 15July2014Although this is not an extensive and exhaustive analysis of PodMov U with other comparative sites, offerings, programs member sites, this does deliver a quick view and “first-looks” approach.

PodMovLive-presentations screen- 15July2014Now, as one of the very first to sign up and subscribe to this offering, I was hoping for great value. In fact, in spite of the poor communication with those running this offering, I was able to submit a presentation, which is listed on the main screen. So I was trying to support the community by being a donor, contributor and paid member. And with that perspective, I feel that I had “bought into” this customer promise and thus, I am an involved member — which then can be a good case study.

As you will hear in this audio episode, we compare this offering with those from Dave Jackson ( and John Lee Dumas with his Podcaster’s Paradise, and the advanced course called Podcast Master Class (  from Daniel J. Lewis.

In upcoming episodes of, we will examine again the offering and membersite program of PodMovU in the following time frames:

– right BEFORE the Podcast Movement Conference, so that we can see what has been improved, as we compare with a matrix the benefits and value (or lack thereof) with other member sites, offerings, programs, etc., which were mentioned in this audio episode; and

– within 30 days AFTER the Podcast Movement Conference.

Please note that this is “one reporter’s opinion”  — as we try to deliver objective comparisons of offerings delivered to the podcasting community and see what value there is.

Our aim is to provide recommendations and suggestions after analysis from this saying:

“When I see the value and experience the benefit, then I can see if it is good for the podcasting community, and then I can recommend it.” And if the offering(s) don’t meet the criteria of value in comparison to what is out there already, we will relate that, as well.

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