May 03

50- From NMX- discussions-interviews-networking with podcasters

Podcast Alley at NMX - from TAP217In this episode, we deliver 9 mp3 files that have interviews or discussions or networking dialogue with other podcasters at the New Media Expo 2015 (NMX).

These recordings took place on both Monday and Tuesday of the Expo (13 April and 14 April of 2015), and they were all at either the exhibit booths or the Podcast Alley table (shown, above).

Please select any of the links, below, to listen to your favorite podcaster or podosphere contact or attendee or exhibitor at the NMX event, which was co-located with the NAB
show (National Association of Broadcasters).

Select this link to listen to Ray Ortega and Andy Toh (of Blog Talk Radio);

Select this link to listen to John Lingard of BRUNCH WITH THE BRITS.COM;

Select this link to listen to Lou Mongello;

Select this link to listen to Matt Workman (Faroe Islands Podcast);

Select this link to listen to Bill Conrad;

Select this link to listen to Jason Bryant and Corey Finneran;

Select this link to listen to Gordon Firemark at NMX2015;

Select this link to listen to Rob Walch at NMX2015;

Select this link to listen to Adam Curry at NMX2015 Podcast Awards ceremony.


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Dec 26

34- Building a Podcast Brand in a niche market- Jason Bryant

As a very young man, Jason Bryant always wanted to be a sports broadcaster. In his youth, he acquired the skills and experience to pursue his dream. And with the advent of podcasting, he is accomplishing his dream as an entrepreneur while being fully engrossed in the world of college wrestling and sports podcasting.

Image-jason-bryant_HOFAs you will hear in this audio interview, Jason Bryant is the founder of the show called Mat Talk Online. In addition, Jason has also created his own podcast network with seven podcast shows — all within his niche of sports podcasts, especially wrestling. The network can be located at:

MatTalkOnline-podcast-shows-2014-12-23_15-19-37Jason’s experience in the sphere of wresting also shows his credentials:

– President, National Wrestling Media Association;


– former W.I.N. Magazine Wrestling JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR;


His small business that he started rather recently brings in revenue with the offerings and services which he provides to his customers, the schools with wrestling programs.

A family man with his wife and young child, he is struggling at this time to strengthen his brand building with awareness, as well as delivering proofs-of-concept to his network of contacts (which he develops, nurtures and engages with professionalism).

As you will also note in this audio episode, Jason has been successful without having to go the route of a formal business plan. Indeed, he does have his self-developed  “marketing kit” which he uses to prepare the engagement of new clients to his programs.

And even though the road may be filled with all sorts of related opportunities, it is clear that his passion for sports broadcasting in the wresting arena (i.e., the wresting “mat”) will not be diluted by chasing after other types of “distractions.” That is, he has no plans to start a podcast about podcasting or other topics that may have become saturated in the podosphere.

However, he does consider himself a mentor that will talk to others interested in the niche and technology, and he will offer his counsel and advice, just to help out and “give back” to the podcast community. But his direction is to stay firm on the road of podcasting for his clients and to stay on the wrestling “mat.”

Image-Mattalkonline-mto-itunesYou can contact Jason Bryant at:

– email:

– twitter:  @jasonmbryant and also @mattalkonline

– telephone:  cell => 612-812-5983 and skype studio => 651-315-6171


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