Jul 13

Bonus Episode 1- Generate Multiple Revenue Streams with Podcasting

A  discussion centered around how entrepreneurs can create multiple revenue streams as Small Business owners–especially within several months — in a live presentation which was given recently to Entrepreneurs.

Revenue-streams-by-podcasting-and-New-Media-2014After this BONUS EPISODE, our mini-series of interviews with the earliest podcasters and content producers will continue.



These multiple revenue streams span the spectrum from the very small and incidental ones (usually within 60 days) to the more consistent, timely and lucrative streams that take longer to create, nurture and mature.

What is highlighted most in this audio podcast episode is that a podcast must be integrated as part of the marketing strategies in your business–and they must highlight the value proposition, as well as be integrated in all the marketing communications. They must also support the conversion of prospects to customers in whatever sales funnel model your business would support. They must be complementary with the social media plan, the media plan, the promotion plan, the marketing plan–which all should support the Business Plan for the firm.

Some of the resources, web sites and links mentioned in this audio podcast are the following (and this is NOT all-inclusive):

More Podcast Money at www.morepodcastmoney.com

Finance for Startups at www.finance4startups.com

Gain Control of Your Day at www.gaincontrolofyourday.com/podcast

Entrepreneur Tools Online at www.entrepreneurtoolsonline.com

School of Podcasting at www.schoolofpodcasting.com

Chris Brogan Blog at www.chrisbrogan.com

No Agenda Podcast at www.noagendashow.com

Meetup facility at www.meetup.com

Entrepreneur Edge webinars and courses at www.themarketingspot.com

Marketing Plan Podcast at www.marketingplanpodcast.com.

Slides from the presentation

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