75- Experiments on Podcast episode syndication and ShowNotes — does your audience read them or not


In this brief audio episode, we discuss some experiments in podcasting about:

(1) the value of show notes and the experiment that we performed with the previous episode (that is, number 74 of this series of the Podcast Reporter) where the value of the episode and the discussion and proof points with the case-in-point was totally in the SHOW NOTES — and where the actual case study was a totally repurposed episode in the audio mp3 file;¬†and

(2) the value of syndication of content within your own multiple podcasts or within your podcast network.


(1) The experiment and results of SHOW NOTES

It was evident that the majority of the audience that subscribes to this podcast never even looked at the show notes. This may be for several reasons:

– they may have subscribed to the podcast with the podcast app in the iOS devices, and thus, never even had gone to the show notes;

– they may just download the audio to a podcatcher (like iTunes) and will only listen to the episode, and never look at the show notes; or

– they may not be interested in show notes — they may be people whose mantra is “talk net”; or they may be like Joe Friday in Dragnet with “just the facts, ma’am.”

Since we are experimenting with different ideas relevant to the podcasting audience, we shall listen to the feedback and include in the audio intro about the experiment, and we shall let the audience know that the main discussion will be in the show notes (for a similar type of case study content).

So, our results showed that show notes are a great ADDITIONAL resource for those who wish to consume them. But the main content should always be the audio for the podcast, with an intro or explanation of what the format will include if there is to be a repurposing of the content in the form of a case study.

Suffice to say that many podcasters are experimenting with different ideas and different formats and different methods of presenting content in their podcasts.


(2) The value of syndication of content within your podcast shows

It is true that many podcasters are so passionate about podcasting that they start a second podcast show, then another, and perhaps another after that (I myself have 8 podcast shows currently — down from 16).

And, if the shows are somewhat related, then syndicating your own content for other shows within your content distribution can be a great way to support different audiences.

Whether you have your own podcast network — or just multiple podcast shows — there is value to the listeners of each show for syndicated content to be delivered from one show to the next. The value to these audiences of each podcast show is evident from the feedback.

The challenge may be that the same subscribers to one major podcast show may also have subscribed to the other shows where the main content is syndicated. If so, then a repetition factor or boredom may lead to these once loyal listeners skipping episodes or finally unsubscribing.

Our suggestion is to use tact and deliver the syndicated content at different time intervals, so that they don’t all publish around the same time. From feedback, we have discovered that our listeners will thank you for this variety.


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