24- PodMov University shuts down

In an email sent during the evening on October 1, 2014, paid subscribed members of theĀ  PodMov.com program were informed that “PodMov University is Shutting Down.”

As you will hear in this audio episode, the program is no longer open and billing is suspended. However, they offered free attendance to the upcoming Business Podcaster Summit online event in January of 2015. The content of the notice is given in the audio episode.

In addition, some alternative programs for Podcaster education and training are presented toward the end of this episode.

This is, in fact, the third unsuccessful attempt to create a “Podcasting University” model since 2006. Perhaps a good business model that creates value and delivers on the customer promise of the marketing hype that comes with announcements of such programs will be forthcoming in the future from someone who can really deliver.

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