11D- Overall review- Podcast Movement Conference- this Reporter’s perspective

This episode gives a brief review of the Podcast Movement conference, held in Dallas, Texas, on August 15-18, 2014.

In summary, the conference seemed to be a success. The objectives that Gary Leland had described to us earlier were:

(1) the attendees and participants should have a great time and lots of fun; and

(2) everyone should leave with the value of having learned a great deal about podcasting to make themselves successful.

In short, the fun, excitement, euphoria and passion of the earlier Expos finally came alive in a different manner with this community of the Podosphere.

As you will hear in this episode, there were three things that stood out during this conference:

(1) The energy, passion and excitement of the event and the community feeling that it caused;

(2) The vendors that shared their information in a good manner within the layout; and

(3) The speakers and the level of topics..

During the last day of the event, there was an offer of a discount to any attendees that wanted to purchase the ticket to the 2015 Podcast Movement conference (next year) in Fort Worth, Texas.

So, congratulations to Gary Leland for having put on a successful conference and event. We look forward to seeing another great event, where podcasters can come, network, share, learn and have a great time doing so as they go on their path for their success.

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